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  1. Meters on compressor have some big lag issue. It works fine after rebooting the Helix, but after editing for a while they reliably start lagging to the point that they're unusable.
  2. I solved by using a second output couple on the interface as input to the Helix. I just have to temporarily change the mic and guitar input to return 1 and 2 while working on the preset. Pretty cool :)
  3. I tried with two tracks panned L and R sent to a bus with one instance of Native in Dual Mono. This gives me one track for Voice when L is selected and one when R is selected, but there's still the problem of separate snapshots and copying the entire path.
  4. Hi @datacommando, thanks for taking the time to reply. What you showed is getting close. As you pointed out, the preset will be for live situations. The reason why I want to work on it in Native, is to really hear how the preset and snapshots will sound for the audience. While playing, I hear my own voice and guitar, so I can't really know how the presets sound for the audience. I would like to be able to record a song with the dry signals (as if I'm on stage), mix the two signals in Native, prepare all the snapshots, etc., and put everything back in the Helix to have a ready, perfectly mixed preset ready for live. With the two tracks in Logic and the effects muted, there's still a discrepancy between the presets/snapshots in Logic and the actual final result, se there's still a lot of manual work to do... I hope it makes sense... :) If what I want to do would be possible, it would really be the perfect workflow for me and would save so much time...
  5. Hi everyone :) First post here. Really happy with the Helix so far. On my preset on Helix I have two tracks for voice (panned L) and guitar (panned R). I would like to be able to record both signals, mix and create the preset in Native, and export everything to Edit. Right now in Native I only see one "host" input, and while I can create two tracks each with its own Native instance, I don't know how to merge them into one preset, other then copy-pasting each block one by one. I hope that's clear enough. Can you help?
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