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  1. Okay, I'm confused. When I turn my Pod Go on it says I have Firmware 1.120. I downloaded the Line 6 Updater. Went to the next step to get the latest for the Editor. This comes up: Updating POD Go to 1.12 STEP 1—Installing POD Go Edit 1.11 If you already have POD Go Edit 1.11 installed, please skip to STEP 2 Log onto line6.com, download, and install POD Go Edit 1.11: macOS: https://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=9774 Windows 7/8/10: https://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=9775 STEP 2—Updating POD Go Connect POD Go to your Mac or PC via USB and turn it on. Launch POD Go Edit. Click the gear at the bottom of the window, then click "Check for Updates". Log into your Line 6 account. A dialog panel appears, reading "An update is available for your POD Go. Would you like to update now?" Click "Update now." POD Go Edit asks if you want to create a backup of your existing user presets. Click "OK" and then "Create Backup." Once the backup is completed, click "OK." Carefully read the End User License Agreement (haaa hahaha!) and click "OK." Click "Update." Once the update is complete, POD Go restarts automatically. Click "Back to POD Go Edit" Hmm. Seeing how it says "Updating Pod Go to 1.12" (when I already have it) is a bit confusing. So I thought I'd forge forward. I did step 1 (Connect Pod Go to your Mac or PC via USB and turn it on). No problem. For step 2 (Launch Pod Go Edit), I'm like "okay, where's that?" Thought maybe a window would pop up prompting me to do the next next but nothing. If there's something that I'm supposed to do I admit I don't have a clue what that is. I've admitted right from the start I'm not a computer person and here's your proof!
  2. Hi Voxman. I had a feeling the Global EQ would come into play once I take the unit to church for the first time. Fact is, I just spent a good portion of today creating 2 patches and found out how handy the Global EQ came in once I got the patches as good as I could. Haven't used the Editor at all. Everything I'm doing is right at the unit itself. As said before, I want to get a good understanding of it before I leap into the next step.
  3. So far so good! At church I was using a Boss GT-1 through my amp it served me well. Not going to knock it. But I can tell the Pod Go is going to be SO much better! As said, just taking it slow right now getting comfortable with the unit itself. I'm not creating patches or snapshots at the moment, just going through all the various amps, cabs, effect and so forth seeing how they sound, how they work and moving them around in the chain to get the best sounds. I know I'll be spending a good few days just doing all I mentioned and taking notes of what I like for the future. How about that! This old dog is learning some new tricks! Offhand my only concern is: once I get the sounds I like at home, how's it going to sound at church? I'll be using it directly into the PA. I guess I'll just cross that bridge when the time comes.
  4. Thanks for the tip, Silverhead. In time I will look into that!
  5. Finally pulled the trigger on a Pod Go. It was delivered yesterday but I wasn't able to check it out until later in the evening. Spent about 2 hours going through the preset banks checking out the sounds and getting a general, basic idea of how things work. This is new territory for me but I can already I can see the benefits of this little unit. I plan on using the Pod Go at church and once set up it will be lightening up the load ten fold. No more lugging my amp, cab and pedal board around! I'm going to take this slow and a step at a time. Found a very good video on You Tube that explains footswitch assignments, snapshot and patch creation using just the unit itself and not going through the editor. We all learn different and for me this will be a good way to get to know how the unit works. Once I learn that, then I'll start figuring out how the editor works. No sense overwhelming myself with too much from the start. Slow and steady wins the race! Happy new year to all!
  6. Thank you very much Andredainez for taking the time to answer my questions. I'm still going a bit back and forth about buying, but at my age I need all the portability I can find! So I'm probably going to get one. I'm going to wait until after Christmas before ordering. I'm knee deep in learning songs for Christmas Eve at church and want that behind me before I move on. I also retired this year, so it could be a lot of fun now that I have the time (and that it's winter) to get one, sit back while it's snowing with my coffee and guitar and start exploring! New tricks for an old dog!
  7. Hi Andredainez! Yep, brave new world isn't it? Basically I was just looking for answers to the 3 questions I asked in my thread. I'm asking all that I did because I am NOT a computer guy. So in reading of all the problems others were having and what they were doing to correct just lost me. It's a foreign language to me.
  8. Now I'm really undecided if I want to pull the trigger on a Pod Go. Questions: Straight out the the box and without trying to download the firmware, is the Pod Go usable? Do the problems come before or after downloading the firmware? Is loading the firmware absolutely essential in order to use the Pod Go? Please pardon my ignorance, but this is a whole new world for this old guy.
  9. Thanks Cristt and Marhil for the additional advice. If it's just a matter of tweaking some current presets to get what I need in each song then it just may be worth looking into. Last Sunday for example in the first song, I started off with a clean tone, a specific reverb and a specific delay. For the songs chorus, the delay gets switched to another setting, the reverb goes off, I go from clean to semi-dirty and I move my guitars toggle switch. Then it's back to what I originally started with. Of course other songs have other needs but it still means a lot of dancing. This is where i was thinking (as I understand it) where the snap shot mode would come in handy. Go from one group (clean amp, specific delay and reverb) to the next group of setting with just pressing one switch instead of three. As said, I am going to check out more tutorials and as suggested, read the manual. Thanks again for your time.
  10. Thanks Cristt. I'm going to do more research with the Pod Go. Right now at church all I need for tones is pretty much what most need. A clean sound, a semi-dirty sound, a distorted tone and the ability to boost all if needed. Got a Strymon Blue Sky and a Flashbackx4 delay also. As said before, my main gripe is doing the pedal dance and many times I've hit the wrong thing due to trying to change so much at once, including moving the guitars toggle switch. That's where the snap shot feature sounds nice. So if I got one I would hope I could get the desired tones and effects "fairly quick." Yes, there would be a learning curve and that's understood. Once the main tones/effects are established for my immediate needs it would then be nice to say "okay, let's see what else this thing can do." So it would be first things first. Thanks again for your input. Much appreciated.
  11. Good evening Cristt and thank you for your reply. Very helpful. Sounds like there's hope for me yet! I'll no doubt be watching some more tutorials online to get a better understanding of this unit before I pull the trigger. Thanks again!
  12. Greetings to all! New guy here. Well, an old guy actually, 67 to be precise! I've been checking out many video's regarding the Pod Go and am most impressed with what I'm hearing. A little background. I've been playing bass at my church since 2009 but have mainly been on guitar since 2016. I am getting so tired of lugging my amp, a 2X12 cab and a pedal board around when on guitar. I'm also getting tired of doing the "pedal dance" in every song as I find it to be a big distraction. The reasons I'm considering the Pod Go are, ease of transport (oh, my aching knees would love that!), the snapshot feature (goodbye pedal dance!), the multitude of sounds and the price. I'm newly retired and have to watch my outgoing expenses. I also realize there will be quite a learning curve with this. But if I get one, I've got the time! First things first: I am NOT a computer guy by any stretch. The things that are a snap for most is a foreign language to me! Of what I understand I would have to connect the Pod Go to my laptop in order to get it going and to start diving into the workings and edits of it. My laptop is an HP 15-gt0119 (Windows 8) that I bought in 2014. Ancient technology by todays standards, no doubt. Speaker system is an Altec Lansing that I've had for many years. So for right now the big question is, would my laptop be enough to handle the Pod Go? I'd hate to get a Pod Go only to find out my laptop wouldn't do the job. As said, need to watch the pennies! I have other questions but that will be later. Thanks in advance for your time and expertise. Have a good day!
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