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  1. Its not just on Android. Many people have problems with Spider Remote on PC including me. The main thing about this amp is the "App" and it's not working, therefore we could say the half of the amp is not working, I guess. The last version of the app is released 2 years ago XD They could have care about this little bit more :)) Edit: I just realised that you posted this on 2017. I am dissapointed.
  2. My Spider V Remote app keeps crashing whatever I do. I have the latest ".Net Framework", "Microsoft C 2013", "W10", "Spider Drivers", "Spider Update", "Spider V Remote App" but nothing solved. And I wanted to record it to send to support but guess what happened? When I started recording with "OBS Studio" it didn't crush and worked well, I was happy for it resolved itself until I stop the recording. It crashed again right at the moment I click on the "Stop recording". I don't have any idea about what "OBS" has to do with "Spider Remote" but I have read a reply in a topic in this forum that says Maybe it's similar to my case. Can someone please help?
  3. Same. Whenever I open spider remote(2.00), it crashes in 5 seconds, even if I don't touch anything. I tried every solution, nothing solved. Can't even change presets.
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