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  1. himynameisflo

    Spider V Custom Tones now usable

    ive ordered my spider 240 now....no problem....every custom tone or preset is possible to do by youself...when you have the attiutude :-) but its faster when you can use the cloud...i think the the custom tone site is the pc usable tonecloud....thats the only reason what makes sense... (but we all know that line 6 is not working with making sense things)i know about the problem with the pc remote control and no usable tonecloud, but maybe thats the solution....i can say more when my spider is here...thanks bros for the answers....in a few days there is no headache from the pocket pod :-)
  2. himynameisflo

    Spider V Custom Tones now usable

    oh nice. thanks for the fast answers. that means that the tonecloud has more tones than the custom tone site?
  3. himynameisflo

    Spider V Custom Tones now usable

    hey boys, in the custom tone area is a option you can search for presets for the spider V....ive heard that the AMP is only getting tones about the android or apple App....is this right? or is now the custom tone area for PC??? ive looking forward to an spider V amp but i will not buying the amp when the PC APP is not support custom tones or the tone cloud.... greets flo