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  1. I can't get Helix Native to authorize on my Dell 7780. I have used Line 6 license manager. The Dell M7780 is authorized for Helix Native; but when I go to Ableton Live 11 and use the Helix Native plugin, I keep getting the error message that my computer is not authorized.
  2. If you have an SD card remove it from the computer. I spent numerous hours troubleshooting the issue and was continually getting that same error message. I very kind person from this forum suggested I remove the SD card in my laptop. I did and Native worked fine. It’s a flaw in how Native is designed that it crashes if an SD card is installed on a computer.
  3. Check to see if you have an SD card in an expansion slot. If so, disengage the SD card. I spent hours and hours troubleshooting the same problem only to find out from some of the computer gurus here that all I had to do was take out the SD card. Voila.
  4. I am having the same problem of so much background noise using the HX Stomp that it is unusable for recording. I am using a Dell Windows 10 laptop with the HX Stomp attached via a USB cord. I am using a Focusrite Scarlett instrument input and am using Ableton Live 10. I purchased a noise reduction patch bay and that did not help. I've tried every iteration of connection from line out, headphones jack, and sends. I am not having this issue with any other piece of gear so I don't think it is my outlets. I have power filter surge protectors. Anybody have a suggestion?
  5. EUREKA!!! Thank you very, very, very much!!! All it took was removing the SD card from my Dell laptop and both HX Edit 3.0 and Helix Native 3.1 downloaded and worked seamlessly. I then put the SD card back in (being a glutton for punishment) and not surprisingly both programs crashed. I t hen removed the SD card and both again worked. Thank you very, very much! As to Line 6, seriously??? You have very sophisticated software and your software engineers couldn't figure out that SD cards could blow up their programs? Then you don't put that in your notes to users? I spent at least 40 hours trying to find the root cause; and the answer rested with datacommando!!!
  6. I am continuing to have the same issues with both Helix Native 3.01 and HX Edit 3.0 causing my Windows 10 unit to crash. I have tried them on two different Dell computers. The highest version of HX Edit that will load is 2.92. The highest version of Helix Native is 1.90. I am however becoming proficient and deleting all the remnants of Helix Native 3.01 and HX Edit 3.0. In the meantime, I have had no problem with the plugins from Amplitude 5, Waves, Positive Grid, and Nembrini Audio.
  7. I am having the same issue. My HX Stomp firmware updated to 3.0. Neither Helix Edit nor Helix Native will update to 3.0. I am using Windows 10. There is clearly a bug in 3.0.
  8. HX Stomp 3.01 firmware update installed easily using HX Edit 2.92. Helix Native 3.0 has crashed my Windows 10/Ableton Live 10 Suite and the best I can do is use version 1.90 and that was a bear to get it to work. HX Edit crashes with 3.0 but will work with version 2.92.
  9. I am having the same problem. I have not been able to get HX Edit 3.0 to work. I have tried everything. I use Windows 10. I reinstalled Edit 2.92 and it works fine. I have been in touch with Line 6 support and they tried to help; but to no avail. I tried using two different laptops. There is clearly a bug in HX Edit 3.0 involving Windows 10.
  10. Thanks very, very much. I have to get my firm's IT folks to try these things. I have promised the IT folks I would send projects on my laptop to them rather than try it myself. I will check with Ableton Support. Line 6 support had seen this problem before and they worked with me to get Helix Native 1.90 working. The later versions crashed Ableton with that error code. I had hoped Helix Native 3.0 would work out of the box. Thank you again. I truly appreciate the insights and suggestions.
  11. This error code appears every time I try to get any preset to run. My laptop is a professional grade Dell. It has 16 GB of ram. I am running other plugin such as IK Multimedia Pod Farm and Positive Grid's BIAS FX2. These plugins work great. I am also able to use Helix Edit for my HX Stomp. It is very mysterious. Prior to trying to install HX Native 3.0 again, Helix Native 1.90 was working fine.
  12. I have been working with Ableton Live 10 and Helix Native to see if I can get them to work without crashing. The best solution I have found, with help from Line 6 technical support, is to go back to Helix Native 1.90. I would love to get Helix Native 3.0 working with Ableton Live 10; but thus far it does not work in any configuration. I tried loading only VST2 files and that didn't work. Any help would be appreciated. I think it is a bug with all versions of Helix Native about 1.90.
  13. My Helix Native continues to crash. I have deleted the files and reinistalled but the same error message continues to happen.
  14. When I go to preferences and go to file folder there are different settings than are shown in yours. I am attaching the screen shot of mine. I very much appreciate the help. Doug
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