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  1. I see receiving Midi is straight forward based on the manual, but I'm curious if the Go can SEND a midi command(s). I use a Fishman Triple Play Wireless and hate their app and want to just use SampleTank with it on the iPad clamped to a mic stand. I can buy the Fishman pedal to do it separately, but would be great if on sound change or snapshot change to send a command to the IOS device to set the sound in SampleTank or any other midi sound engine on the IOS device. Just brainstorming now...
  2. I did, and found a nice acoustic filter for an Alvarez and Taylor that worked well. The GT1 is more accurate, but the filter I found was close enough.
  3. Thanks for the tips. I have a Boss GT1 and went to the Go for more flexibility / buttons / scenes, but really miss the Boss Acoustic Sim. It made my Ibanez electric sound as good as my Alvarez acoustic without dragging along another guitar.
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