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  1. Thanks for the replies...I will try one of the spray options to start with. I already tried Line 6 support and since it was purchased as a demo unit they won't help me. I will check to see if it might be bent which seems more likely to me based on the suddenness of the issue. Not sure how that might have happened though. Anyone know what type of potentiometer it is if I have to replace it?
  2. Thanks for the reply! I am certainly happy to try the least invasive thing first. I'm not really convinced that will do it. It's really locked up pretty tight and very suddenly like something mechanical broke or got stuck.
  3. Did you ever find this part? I'm likely in need of it and am trying to find information. Thanks!
  4. I have an HX Stomp about a year old. The first knob (farthest left under screen) just seized up. It seems like it stuck in the down position and barely turns if I really force it. Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone know what type of potentiometer this is for me to order a replacement? Is it easy to get to? Does anyone have any direction on teardown resources for the Stomp? Any help is appreciated as Line 6 won't tell me anything about it. Thanks!
  5. Here's a copy of the preset. Thanks for any input you may have Martin w_Mic.hlx
  6. I don't have either the stomp or the computer with me, but I'm pretty sure they're both running the latest updates since I've only had it for about a month and updated everything when I got it. It's on Windows 10. I can try to upload the preset this evening when I get home.
  7. Thanks for the reply! That's exactly what it won't let me do. Every time I try to drag it down it gives me the circle-with-a-line-through-it "Cancel" symbol. It's not really a problem if the stomp can't do that on the front end, but I need to record the B path separately.
  8. Did I post this in the wrong place? I tried again last night and still just get the cancel symbol when I try to drag either mixer block down to path B
  9. Anybody out there? I also can't get path B to separate at the beginning either, but I worked around that by panning for now. What am I missing?
  10. I'm using HX Stomp with HX Edit and running into my DAW. Manual shows routing for path b goes to USB 3/4. My issue is that I can't get path B in HX Stomp/Edit to drop down as it's own path/output like it shows in the routing picture which I've attached. It stays mixing back in at the end with path A. What am I missing to get it to drop it down? Thanks!
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