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  1. If it's designed properly, you are correct. There are several YouTube videos on this topic. Basically, put a heatsink on the appropriate component and the problem will be solved.
  2. How do you reset the mute issue? How do you soft reset (spider IV 15)? is there a specific way to reset the mute issue other than hard reset?
  3. Had a similar issue with my 15 watt spider IV, POD X3 Live. Can't tell you exactly what I was doing when it went out, just that it went from working to not working.... It was extremely muted, Likely what psarkissan described. Couldn't get anything to work with the amp and ended up doing a factory reset and that resolve the issue. How do you soft reset (spider IV 15)? Or is there a specific way to 6 the mute issue other than hard reset? Since I the problem, I've changed how wine turn the amp on. Master volume gets turned to the lowest position, anything plugging into the amp is at its lowest position then I turn the amp off. Turn the amp on but 1st everything is in its lowest volume position... Haven't had a problem since.
  4. Since that petal has two output jacks you could maybe run one into your CD input and the other into your guitar input of the amp... Do you happen to be using any of the pod floorboards?
  5. I'd like to know what he means by calibrated as well. Did he do some type of up date? I've heard that if it's registered to you and then somebody comes in and tries to register without your registering, there might be issues with updates...correct me on this If I'm not accurate
  6. I figure that would be an issue. I was thinking I could rig up a small battery source Or a small AC-DC adaprer on other side of the Room... Was just trying to reduce cables, not really a big deal. I'm running an FBV MK2, HD100 head,
  7. So the ideas pretty basic, I'm looking to see if I can make my FBV wireless. I would think that I could just use a wireless router like a would on my computer, have a couple and storage. Anybody done this? I don't wanna just go plug something in common jumping into it with both feet and end up damaging my am and/or footboard
  8. Curious as to if you got this figured out? I'm in recent acquisition of both the hd100 and POD x3 live, have the short board but was thinking of experimenting with the POD. Any hidden don't do's on it?
  9. Well I found the issue, apparently it was a combined headphones and adapter problem. A little research found that the speakers don't automatically cut out.
  10. Just picked up an ax 2 212, haven't found any major issues yet but I do have one with the headphones. Typically on amps radios excetera that have a headphone jack, the speakers are cut off in my case the speaker is still active. Additionally, I can barely hear anyting out of the headphones. Are these known issues? My guess is that it's just a jack issue but wanted to ask before I started taking things apart to find out
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