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  1. Thank you for your reply, Bass and Coda. the first split and merge is only to filter out one channel form the stereo digital signal, and make it into a mono signal. And the only way I have found to do this, is to create a split. I would much prefer a block to do this. and my problem is that once I have created one split that whole horisontal line can not be used to anything else. Just to fill you in with my task. I want to use the Helix as a dual stereo vocal processor. and as there is not two balanced inputs, the best way to input the helix is by digital, so I will have one vocal on channel 1 (left) and another on channel 2(right). and I want to process them separately, both with two horisontal lines one used as a "send" the other as a direct processor, so I can not afford to use a whole line just for separating the channels. The first EQ is a generic EQ, that will not be automated by presets and snapshots.
  2. Thanks, Bassbene. Do you know of any other way (with a module) of tapping only one channel from a stereo signal, and using it as a mono signal. Other than by using a split?
  3. Hi experts. I have an issue, as I will like to create two splits and two merges in one path in a Helix Rack preset. Is that possible? The first split and merge I need to make because I need to split only one channel from a stereo digital signal(and this seems to be the only wat to split only the left signal from a digital stereo signal), and the next split and merge because I want to be able to add som reverby delay to my signal, as a "send". please see the attached file.
  4. Thanks Datsacommando. on this does not work for me. I have two microphone signals in the Digital input, that I want to process separately in the Helix, and eventually send out as two seperat stereo outputs. What Im looking for is a individual volumen for left and right into a module. I dont realy know if that is possible, I have not found any ways to do it yet.
  5. I have found that my Telecasters and Stratocasters does not have the same outputlevel. This is a problem for the tone of my presets, and mostly for my auto filter presets. Is there a way to store different input gain (global) presets for each of my guitars? Or will I have to make a seperat preset backup for each Guitar?
  6. Does anyone know if I can setup an Helix rack with two paths, one grabbing the a mono input from Left in the AES EBU input, and the other one grabbing a mono from Right in the AES EBU input.
  7. Hi I would like to hear what your experiences has been with the quality of the Helix reverbs when used for Vocal. For live use I am thinking of sending two vocals through a Helix rack and treat them both seperat pathes and with stereo effects. I believe that will be possible, although I will only be able to preamp one vocal the other must have a external preamp.
  8. Hey Datacommando, Thanks so much, you saved me a lot of trouble once again. Yes that was the feature, I was looking for, But I think Ill put it in Global mode. Dont know why I did not check that my self before asking. It is set to Preset now, so I wonder why it did not change the volume for all presets, but only some.... well I guess that does not matter anymore. Thanks for taking you time to help.
  9. I am still pretty new to Helix, so I hope some of you can help me with my "problem" . I own a Helix Rack and a Helix Control. I have set my Volumen Pedal up to control two volumen modules using the Expression output 2. My problem is that some(not all) my presets sets the volumen pedal to a fixed level(the level it was at when I saved the preset), and some of my presets leves the volumen pedal at the level it was before I switched presets. How can I program my preset to not change the level of these specific two modules, that are controlled by the level of expression pedal 2, and instead keep the level as it was on before I changed preset?
  10. thanks Guys. I use an Ernie Ball 25K EXP pedal, and it does not have a calibration knob. Ill try to resart and se if that helps me out.
  11. My problem is that my volume, that I control by exp pedal 2 can only turn down to 6%. I have set the min. value to 0%. can this have to do with the exp pedal I use, and in that case can I calibrate my EXP pedal?
  12. I have a problem with my Ernie Ball 25K exp pedal. When I assign it to the EXP out 2 on my Helix Control It controls the volumen alright, but it reaches the max volumen (100%) somewhere around halfway, and then it starts turning the volumen back down to 0%, when I have the pedal all the way down. I have mesaugered the ohm on the out of the EXP pedal, and it maks a linear curve from 0 to 25 K ohm, when I turn it up. Is there anyway to change the mode, to fix this. Is there any EXP pedals that does not work with the Helix system?
  13. Thanks Datacommando, that was useful. If anyone is an export in the use of command center, can you correct me if Im wrong about how I found out this works: 1. The command center only effects the buttons that appear in stomp mode. It is not possible to customise the buttons in the preset mode. 2. All though there is an option to costumize FS1 and FS7, the bank up and down buttons, these does not change when in stomp mode. this must be a bug. 3. You can not change the bank up and down buttons functionality to say, a block on/off, in the control center or by assigning block on off using the "Action" button.
  14. Im new to Helix, and will like to set up my Helix Control (and rack) so I can toggle between snapshot mode and stomp mode on the FS6 on the Helix control. At the moment I only have the option to toggle between stomp and preset mode. I can enter the snapshot mode by pressing both bank button at once, but then I can not toggle back to Stomp mode. And here a wishing list, that might not be possible: 1. is it possible to assign 2x8 blocks to the stomp mode, giving me the possibility to toggle between the first 8 and the second 8 bloks with, say, the "bank buttons" 2. is there any way to use the two Bank buttons for other use than Bank up and down?
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