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  1. I'm considering this Focusrite Clarett USB interface that Jason Sadites uses in this video comparing recording with the Helix vs the Focusrite. Has anyone had any experience with this unit that can add to what Jason shares in his video?
  2. No worries - can you help me understand why the title of your thread begins with "Can't purchase until...." but you state that you owned a Helix, so you did purchase it? Then sold it?
  3. I would let the sound guy do his job giving you the monitor mix with whatever monitors you're stuck with...but for getting to the board, I would just unplug the mic that would be used for the amp and plug it into the Helix, going direct to the board.
  4. I had this problem also....finally got everyone to just turn the lights on and off in the room to get my attention. After my heart rate returned to normal.
  5. ellendr


    Sorry, check which thing out? One of the links above?
  6. ellendr


    What, if any, effect would I want to use to try to re-create the siren at the opening of REO's "Ridin' The Storm Out" live version? Sounds like one of the synth effects would be good for this. I think they used a Moog in concert. I looked at the 3OSC effect, but not sure which controls/parameters would give me that same effect. On a side note - using a 'Pump Organ' preset I found on CustomTone for J Geil's "Centerfold" intro - it rocks.
  7. ok, gotcha - sorry I misread that. Thanks for the clarification!! It's still a crappy customer experience.
  8. Well, that stinks if that's the "new" return process. There is a "Return Policy" link on the main page of the store (http://store.line6.com/termsofsale/#returnpolicy) and I followed the steps of the process they have published. Why wasn't I told this Friday when I called? I guess I'll just keep the model pack and chalk it up to lessons learned, which I'm sure they're counting on. Still no excuse for a crappy customer experience when users are presented with a response containing a cryptic error message with no explanations. I work in software development and my team would have a field day if I coded something like that and deployed it to production that way. Negative testing anyone? If I had a dollar for every time I tried something different and hit the "Go" button over this weekend, I could've bought the whole model pack package! How lame am I??? :wacko: And I was just looking at the new Relay wireless systems....no way now.
  9. Here's what led to me getting an Error 8220 message and why I want to know more about it. I bought the Vintage model pack on Thursday night for my HD 500X, wanting to check out the Orange amp model, then the promo email showed up Friday morning. I called Line 6 support - wondering if they could just adjust the purchase price on my card rather than returning and re-buying. So customer service referred me to tech support. Tech support told me to send an email to storesupport...storesupport emailed back that I would have to call customer service. By this time it was almost the end of the day, but I was able to get through. They told me to do a return and a re-buy online. Saturday morning I logged in and de-authorized all my POD devices on my account and license manager. When I pressed the Go button to do the return, all that came back was a message stating "Error 8220". Nothing more - no clues, no details about what that error means. It's not in the Knowledge Base, the FAQs, or the Forum, except for a couple others getting that message. And of course, it's the weekend, so there is no technical support available. I opened an online service ticket, but it says it could take 3 business days to get a response. Meaning, no weekend support...during which time you're having a big sale, and no support available to those who need it. Thanks for any info about what could cause this error.
  10. I'm getting this same error trying to return the Vintage model pack (which I just bought Thursday before the promo email came out), so I can re-purchase at the sale price. I've deauthorized everything, and it won't let me return it. Just displays Error 8220, with no clue as to what that message means or what caused the error. No Customer Service during the weekend either, so I opened a service ticket online, which does not do me any good when they are not guaranteeing any action on it for 3 business days and the sale ends on the holiday.
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