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  1. Hi all I have an old [ but perfect working order ] Line 6 FBV Shortboard MK2. Just wonder, if I were to grab a Helix Rack:- => would the Helix Rack fully " recognize" and "communicate" with the Line 6 FBV Shortboard MK2 ? and if so => can it be configured to do the basics such as direct patch / preset selection ..... direct snapshot selection ..... IA / CC on/off selection ...... bi-directional Tuner display ? Thanks, Ben
  2. I too thought the answer was almost certainly a "no" ....... so sincere thanks for your advice. Ben
  3. Hi. In short, the details are:- - looking to buy a Helix Rack and Floor Controller here in Australia - the current Australian owner bought it direclty from a USA retailer who shipped it to Australia for him - he has the originals of the purchase papers / reciepts My questions:- -> if I buy it from him, will it be covered for normal, full warranty here in Australia by the authorized Line 6 service centers here in Australia ? -> if yes, does the warranty period start from the purchase date -or- the date the unit is registered for warranty ? Thanks, Ben
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