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  1. Cool. Good to know. I didnt mind the Tuner on the all-in-one-big-screen-floor-Helix but good to know the rack controller unit tuner implemewation is at least as good if not better / more stable :) Any chance if you have a rack floor controller that you could post a pic or 2 of what the rack floor controller tuners looks like ? Ben
  2. Hi spikey Thanks for chiming in :) Sorry for my confusion .... do you mean:- => the Tuner on the ( a ) all-in-one-floor-Helix-big-screen is better / more stable than the Tuner on the ( b ) dedicated-rack-floor-controller-small-narrow-screen ? -or- the other way round ? Thanks again, Ben
  3. Hey all After having had a colleagues Helix Floor for nearly 3 weeks now to mess with, Im seriously looking at the Helix Rack and matching Helix Floor Controller - I already alternate between an Axe XL and a Kemper for shows, but the tones Im so far getting on this [borrowed Helix] have a liveness and musical attack and immediacy that can be quite hard / tricky to get from my Axe ... anyway, I digress ..... so my 3 quick questions:- => are the 12 x FSW buttons on the dedicated Floor Controller for the Rack Helix also touch / capacitve like on the all-in-one-floor Helix ? => in terms of displaying patchs / names etc.... how many "characters" does the Rack Floor controller display ? => are there any images / videos anywhere showing how the Tuner is displayed on the Rack Floor Controller ? Thanks, Ben
  4. Hi all Enjoying some time messing around with a friends Helix for a few days ... all good but have this issue:- Running 2.11 as follows -> Snapshot 1 - Clean DC 30 -> Snapshot 2 - Crunch 2204 -> Snapshot 3 - Dirty 2204 -> Snapshot 4 - Solo 2204 Helix is -not- connected to my PC. The Problem ? => when I FSW up from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 ... all good .. no issues => when I FSW down from 4 to 3 to 2 ... all good .. no issues => when I FSW down from 2 to 1 ... there is a noticable pop / glitch moving from the Crunch 2204 to the Clean DC 30 (?) It happens with other amps too. Is this a known issue ? Thanks, Ben
  5. Hi. Not at all :) See the 12th bolded question titled " What are the secret bootup shortcuts? " at this link:- http://line6.com/support/topic/14264-helix-faq/ Would be good to know [offically] the "differences". Thanks, Ben
  6. Thanks. After a bit more reading, if I do grab a used Helix, given all I would really want to do is to return it to the state it was in when it left the factory, FSW 9 & FSW 10 is doubtless the way to go. Thanks, Ben
  7. Thanks - thats what I was thinking. Not really sure though what the difference between 9 & 10 -or- 5 & 12 which clears setlists, clears IRs, Returns system settings to default (?) Ben
  8. Hi all Got the info below in blue from the Line 6 website. If ( !?!? :) ) I were to buy pre-owned / used Helix and I wanted to completly / totally / absolutly restore and clear everything in it to " as-if it were brand new in box and never previoulsy turned on " .....which FSW Boot Sequence is the best one to use:- 1) Hold FS5 and FS12 while powering Helix: Clears EVERYTHING 2) Hold FS5 and FS6 while powering Helix: Restores backdoor and user-selectable Global parameters to factory 3) Hold FS7 and FS8 while powering Helix: Restores presets and setlists to factory 4) Hold FS8 and FS9 while powering Helix: Restores presets, setlists, and IRs to factory 5) Hold FS9 and FS10 while powering Helix: Restores presets, setlists, IRs, and both backdoor and user-selectable Global parameters to factory Thanks, Ben
  9. ^^^^^^^^ Agree !! Great advice. Was more just curious / interested. Many thanks, Ben
  10. Thanks. So if I Ioad a 16 Bit 44.1k IR, it will "truncate" it to 46.4ms ..... a 16 Bit 96k IR will be truncated to 21.3ms ..... ? Hmmmm ... so whats better ..... (?) ..... a higher quality but shorter IR ...... -or- ....... a [relativley] lower quality but longer IR .... (?) Is there a general consensus on this ? Ben
  11. Hi all Given the Helix converts all IR's to 16 Bit / 48K ...... does it also:- => truncate them down to 200ms if they are originally 500ms in length ? or => does it keep them at the original 500ms length ? Ben
  12. Actually he just called me and said he plans to disable the cabs / mics and plug the HD 500 in to either a Logidy EPSi IR player -or- an AMT Pangaea IR player .... this way he can use 3rd party IR's. Im a bit curous now ..... seems like a potenitally really great idea / option ...... -> anyone else already done this ? if so -> big improvement ? small improvement ? no improvement ? Ben
  13. Many thanks - my bad :) ..... Ive fixed/edited my op So just to confirm:- -> disabling the Cab on each patch gets rid of it fully (?) .... or does it leave some sort of " Live Cab " / " Flat / Transparent " Mic in the chain ? Ben
  14. Hi all My nephew is keen on a HD 500 and when he gets it he wants me to set up a " cheap " [ ha ha :) ] Solid State Amp and guitar cab for him. Basically, he wants to - use all the efx / pre amp simulations / power amp simulations but totally remove / disable all the Cab Simulations and Mic simulations .... then run in to a flat SS Amp and then into a real guitar speaker .... so .... => can the individual HD 500 patches [ or globally ] be run with everything enabled and active but with all the Cab Simulations and Mic simulations totally off ? My thanks in advance, Ben
  15. Thanks for this - it is exactly why / what I was asking ..... :) Much appreciated.
  16. Hi all With the current FW 2.0.1 :- => is there an option when using 3rd party IR's to have " no mic " selected ? or => can you only change from one Mic type to another Mic type ? Thanks, Ben
  17. Thanks spikey :) Last question .... I presume then that there is no way to set up and configure just one single WAH preset that can have off-at-heel and off-at-toe in the same single preset ? Ben
  18. Hey all Just curious .... can a POD HD be used to control the Helix Rack for - Preset Changes - Snapshot Changes - WAH pedal Ben
  19. Many thanks - so just to be clear [ from my end - Im a bit slow at these sorts of things :) ] ..... the above can be done with the current FW 2.0.1 ? Ben
  20. Hi all As I understand it, FW 2.0.1 does not allow for Auto-Engage / Auto Dis-Engage of the WAH on its movement and stoppage ..... however .... I was wondering, can the WAH in FW 2.0.1 be configured so that it is Auto-OFF @ Heel / Toe ? For example ..... the usual WAH Pedal CC Calibration Range is 0 <-> 127 ..... so instead of this .... => with FW 2.0.1 can the WAH Pedal Active Calibration range be set to [say] 05 <-> 122 so that WAH CC 0 <-> 04 is WAH OFF at Heel -and- CC 123 <-> 127 is WAH OFF at TOE ? Hoping the above makes sense. Ben
  21. Hi all Just two super quick questions please:- -> I presume the Helix does have a " Global EQ " that can be applied " globally " to eq-compensate for differnent rooms / stages if so -> is it a "normal" multi-band slider graphic EQ (?) or a " parametric EQ " (?) or a simple " Bass / Middle / Treble / Presence " EQ ? Thanks, Ben
  22. benifin

    Foreigner Tone

    Holy sh balls !!!! .... thats so close to bang-on its ridiculous :) Amazing stuff !!!!!
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