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  1. Check this out. I use this it is AMAZING: http://www.quilterlabs.com/index.php/products/toneblock-amplifiers/tone-block-200. Pat Quilter developed this himself. (Pat Quilter = Quilter Sound Company = QSC). His goal was to develop a digital amp that sounds and reacts like a tube amp. He succeeded. I would be interested in other peoples opinion of it. Peace!!
  2. I have a friend that is having this identical problem. We have installed Flash Memory versions 1.17, 1.50, and 2.00. Each time we performed a factory reset and the problem persists. It does not happen when we control the amp from Spider Valve Edit. This tells me that it must be a software issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have the same amp and he loves mine. This is the reason he purchased this one. He is days away from trashing it and getting a Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister. Let's keep from losing another Line 6 customer. Help us!!
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