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  1. Hi all Just got a new PC with WIndows 8.1 on it......Can I run gearbox successfully on it? If not what do I have to buy to have all the tones, backing tracks and MP3 playalong facility in one place?
  2. Thanks very much, I;ll take a look at Pod Farm 1.12 Thanks again, Pyrolator
  3. Hi All - first ever post from me. I play Guitar and Bass at home through my PC via an old Guitarport interface with Gearbox. I simply play for pleasure and play along with MP3 backing tracks. My question is - is there a better PC-based rig? can I upgrade and to what?? I look at Pod Farm and wonder how complicated it is compared to gearbox - has anyone traded up from Guitarport and have the sounds been better? Thanks in advance, Pyrolator
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