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  1. I'm having the same issue. It worked for the first hour I had it but not since then. The app says "Device Not Connected" at the bottom of the screen. iPhone Bluetooth shows it's connected. I can play songs from my Library into the Amplifi amp, but can't manage Volumes or tones. Running iOS 11.0.2 and Amplifi Remote 2.60.2.
  2. Thank you! That did it. I would not have found that on my own. Felling much better :)
  3. I tend to use the Exp2 for Volume/Pan as a master volume when live. When I switch between patches, the volume parameter is at whatever position the patch was Saved as, NOT the actual position of the pedal. So if I heel down to take volume to 0%, and then switch to a new patch that was saved with the Volume parameter at 100%, the volume is up even though the pedal is down. This is infuriating, especially if changing out guitars on stage and you want to be sure the volume is down. Alternatively, if the patch is Saved with the volume parameter at 0%, and I switch patches mid-song with the pedal up (toe), I have to rock the pedal down and up to get the volume up. It didn't work this way with previous HD500 and PODs. Is there a way to fix this? Can you make the patch read the actual position of the pedal?
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