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  1. I have built an XP machine specifically to update the USB firmware in my TonePort KB37 I can see I have version 1.03 now I have 1.15 and legacy drivers installed Am good to go on the update except I have to log in to do it And Line6 Monkey says I cannot log in Can anyone help I've been doing this for hours and I just want to eliminate a clicking problem on my Mac Thanks Mark Tinley
  2. Has anyone found an answer to this yet please? Have a Variax 700 and was considering putting the electronics in another body with a vintage strat neck Now I am starting to think it would be a mistake as 700 is a really nice Japanese made guitar which is almost as good as my old PRS But I hate tuning guitars so I need Tronical - sooooooo??? Which one!
  3. I have an FBV Shortboard MKII and I have a problem with the down footswitch and a similar problem with the Function 2 footswitch The down switch does not always make contact If I spin the chrome switch in the housing and wiggle it comes back for a couple of presses but basically I think the switch is probably broken Can they be replaced easily? I tried to undo the allen key but 3mm is too large and 2.5mm is too small Is it AF or UNF instead of metric? Does anyone know the size? The Function 2 switch is clearly on its way out Again, before I take it apart, can someone describe the switches and tell me if they can be repaired or replaced Thanks Mark
  4. I always over think things ;/) I can tell you what is missing from the X3 and so far I have not been able to replicate it THUMP The POD 2.0 sounds like I am standing next to a cabinet even though the sound is coming from my HIFI The POD X3 sounds like a very slick amp / guitar emulator and I am sure it is accurate but it sounds more like an amp which has been miked up So maybe the POD X3 is more accurate, from a technical perspective I always baulk in the studio at what engineers thing is a great sound and want my guitar in the control room to sound like the amp and not like an amp with a 57 (whatever) on it The POD 2.0 fails at sounding like a miked amp admirably And it sounds like I am standing next to the cabinet THUMP It's probably in the EQ curve but it is definitely missing from the X3 and again, having to dial it in on every patch is annoying I have decided the obvious solution is to keep both of them ;/)
  5. Having been through absolutely everything in fine detail the main reason the POD 2.0 and the POD X3 sound so very different is because the POD 2.0 has A.I.R. which I like the sound of... While the POD X3 attempts to model variations of microphone/speaker placement. A.I.R. automatically fits into my sound and pleases my ears on all the guitar tones. I can never quite get the room model to sound authentic and it simply annoys me. If anyone at Line 6 knows which microphone sounds most like the original A.I.R. and/or the distance setting for the room, it would be extremely helpful. I was hoping that the A.I.R. percentage right relate to something magical, but sadly it doesn't. Many thanks, Mark
  6. Okay so my guess is that the POD 2.0 has cabinet and microphone emulation in hardware somewhere which is why it has a mechanical switch? It probably works like my ADA microcab While the POD X3 seeks to emulate this circuit with additional digital processing The POD X3 is basically an all DSP based system and is no different to the Pod Farm software I have on my Mac What I don't understand is why the models could not be remodelled I think for me though it is about instantly finding classic amp tones and being able to reach out and tweak them When I am playing the guitar I want to do completely the opposite of what I do in my role and an engineer / producer I want to feel at the sound and make it change to suit what I am playing, to make my playing more expressive And digging through menus is the fastest way to kill that spark of creativity Still can't decide which one will end up in my living room Thanks for the replies Kind regards
  7. This is where I got to with the device. When I bought it someone told me the new DUAL TONE Pods didn't sound as good as the old ones and because all my other software simply builds on earlier sounds and gets better (we right music right and rely on these devices to deliver a congruent sound) like Pro Tools of LOGIC the system evolves and the sound library stays roughly the same! Anyway I thought "no, I have the latest and greatest" and then I struggled like hell to make it sound good. Don't get me wrong, I love all the FX - GearBox and PodFarm are great but something about the tone on the X3 sucks. The POD 2.0 has an instant dialability which is totally missing from the X3. I want to grab knobs and tweak. The X3 gives the illusion of this being possible and then switching an amp model is all about digging around menus. On the POD 2.0 the design of it is such that I can switch amps and compare etc while making a sound. It just sounds like a guitar and an amp. Totally brilliant. Why take something brilliant and mess it up? The X3 of course is a fabulous bit of music technology but it is not as music friendly. I will go and read the Tone File PDF now but my guess is the next thing I will be asking is... Anyone want to buy a POD X3 ;/)
  8. I recorded some stuff using a Line6 AMP with Duran Duran in the early two thousands and people constantly ask me "how did you get that guitar tone" I simply plugged the amp into Pro Tools using S/PDIF And so, I decided I needed the same tones at home I bought a UX2 - it sounded okay but didn't have the wooden punchy tone I was looking for Made sense to buy a POD Go for the latest one right? I have spent several years puzzling over the fact that I simply shoved the AMP I used on MANUAL and tweaked a bit and got a great sound Finally I decided to go and buy a second hand Pod Pro I also bought a POD 2.0 for my living room Some maniac had reprogrammed them, so I loaded the factory patches into both of them Both these units sound great (as far as I can tell, roughly the same) But then thinking it would make more sense to use the X3 in my living room so I can plug a USB lead in and use it as an audio interface, I just swapped them round I just dumped the POD 2.0 factory patches in my X3 It sounds TOTALLY different The POD 2.0 sounds a lot like a guitar amp The X3 sounds nothing like a guitar amp Some of the patches are vaguely similar Most of them are wildly different I have no doubt this has been asked before, but can someone tell me where I can find a set of patches for the X3 that make it sound like a POD 2.0 And another thing The basic models in the POD 2.0 seem to be missing? or just renamed? in the X3 I bought the X3 because I thought it did everything the POD 2.0 could do and it did some extra things It wasn't even cheap I mean what is it? It is not really a POD at all if it can't be a POD And surely it's all just software? Could someone please explain! Thanks Mark
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