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  1. It is already a few year ago. I did go back after the first time. The problem was intermittent and hard to reproduce. So I received it back and came to the conclusion that they did not fixed it. The shop in Gent is quite a distance from home and at that time it was no option for me to go back. It's a pitty. I never played the guitar much although my friend has the same guitar and he is quite pleased with it. Do you have any suggestions so I can fix it myself? thanks in advance
  2. I have the same problems for quite a while. I brought the guitar back to the Line6-shop 2 times for this problem but it was never fixed although they were convinced that they had solved it. There was no change. Putting the guitar off/on power solves it for a little while. (Conclusion: I never use the guitar) I would be glad to find a solution.
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