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  1. I try to make my own decisions as to playability and as I stated this is what works for me and I am not trying to persuade anyone. This is my own personal thoughts on the subject. And everyone else can have theirs. The Gr 20 is the only guitar synth that I know of that was made from scratch to be a guitar synth. The GR 55 was developed from a an existing synth and the guitar engine was added to it. Thru the years the newest guitar synth toy was always touted by the manufacturer to be greatest thing since sliced bread. Sometimes that was true but probably more often the reverse was true. I watch the videos and demos but I make my final judgement after buying a new unit and playing it live.
  2. By natural sounds, I am referring to synths that produce sounds of real instruments (such as saxes, pianos, trumpets, etc.). Personally I have little use for synths that do not emulate these types of sound.
  3. Yes....... At present I have the Triple Play pickup from Fishman and the Roland GK3 mounted on my two JTV 69's. Using a Mac PB on the TP and a Roland GR 20 (driving a Ketron SD4) and Roland GR 55 on the GK3. I've been playing midi guitar since the 80's and I have used about every guitar midi controller that has been produced since that then. Most have been useable..... Some better than others. The midi system that works best for me at this time is the Roland GK3 with the GR 20 and the Ketron SD4. It is the most expressive, best and fastest tracking of all the guitar midi systems I have played. The Triple Play is OK but it is somewhat less expressive and more lifeless than GK and GR combo. The GR 55 to me does not track as well as the GR 20 and I believe it is not as natural sounding as the GR 20. Understand that I am mainly a live player, liking in natural instrument sounds and this is what works for me.
  4. Put a couple of very small drops of Cyanoacrylate (crazy glue) on the underside opposite to each other of the top that came off. Place back on the knob and hold for 30 seconds. Should work good.
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