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  1. Cool. That's what I was hoping for-- a ballparking device, so to speak. Thanks!
  2. But you'd still need the hardware. Or would you just be able to view it (maybe hear a sample clip through the speakers) on the iDevice only? I suppose you can stealthily try to do it at a Guitar Center or Sam Ash or wherever for the desperate.
  3. I think I may need to clarify. I don't mean create it in the app, export it to file, import in POD HD500 Edit or Monkey and have it appear. I mean, could the app feasibly use it's algorithm(s) to pin down it's interpretation of a tone (as demonstrated in the Anderton's video with the AC/DC grab)? It lays out an effects chain and lists the amps used (and maybe even microphone models). Presumably they're nearby to the effects/amps used in the sample it maths up and arranged in the proper order with the closest equivalent. It'd probably need some further tweaking to get even closer to the actual rig, but that's not the point. And again, I understand there'll be far more options on the AMPLIFi than on the POD, so some leaps will have to be made. Could you then use this information (in an analog manner) and replicate it using the POD HD500 software? Like, he uses these amps, this distortion, this delay, this phaser, this etc. Maybe the amp model on the AMPLIFi says it's a JCM-900, but the closest option on the POD is a JCM-800. AMPLIFi says it's the Line 6 Distortion, so you go with that. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the capabilities, but presumably it includes the levels as well. Take all the guesswork I'm terrible at out of it. Using the derived tone chain as a guide on the POD. That was my other question. Would anything happen without the hardware. It's all bluetooth, so it would likely only work with paired devices (vs. an iRig input, just for the app). I'm just saying is there a way to let the app do the thinking/heavy lifting for me. Thanks!
  4. So I've got a POD HD500 and I'm pretty dense about using it. Haven't really put the time into it I should, to reap the potential. I digress. In addition to my relative ineptness using gear, I've got a terrible ear. But I'd really like to set up a few patches that ape/steal the tone of a few, certain, probably obscure, players out there (including a bass tone). I was able to find information on their gear/rigs online, but translating them to what's available in the POD is where I get lost. That said, my question is could you use the AMPLIFi app to pre-build the tone, then recreate it in the POD software/on the unit itself? Kinda take my guesswork out of it? I know the AMPLIFi probably has considerably more amp options than the POD, but is this feasible? This is working under the assumption that you could use the free app for research without having to pair it to the amp itself. Thanks! I appreciate you lending me some of your know-how! --gsorkin
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