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  1. If this is true, I'd say it qualifies as a major tease ...
  2. So ... am I the only one wondering about what that "Variax +" in the promo photo for the new Relay units might mean?
  3. So, any Line6ers want to reassure me that this announcement does not signal the deprecation of L6 Link? A pedalboard that costs $500 and has VDI but not L6L is worrying.
  4. Full Compass is the place to go. You can replace if you are careful. If you have done it on a conventional strat, it is not too different, you just have more things to remove from the pickguard. There is one part attached with a little gummy, non-brittle adhesive (the model knob). Everything else is screws or nuts. The hardest part is that the dumb bridge will come off if the strings are off, and it's a pain to get it seated again.
  5. Well, jumping off from some posts on the old forum, I managed to get it to work. In case anyone else has this problem, here are some of the steps I followed. - Tried a global parameter reset, nothing. - Tried the "hold down DOWN and power up, then load latest firmware". Didn't work. - Rolled back to 1.10. It worked, fixed the overdub problem. But when updating from 1.10 to 2.20 I got reboot cycle. - Basically, I loaded 1.10, then 1.43, then 2.02, then 2.20. Each step I had to go back and forth a couple times until it worked. - Now overdub works correctly in 2.20.
  6. Help! Trying to use the looper on an HD500. I press REC (FS5) and play my bit. Great. Press FS5 again and it starts playing back. Looking at the Performance view, I see "Dub In" for FS5 and "Stop" for FS6. FS6 is lit up. Now. According to the instructions, I should be able to press "Dub In" (FS5), play a bit, press "Dub Out" (FS5) again and what I just played will be mixed with the existing loop and play back for me. However, when I hit FS5, it does not change to "Dub Out" and the LED just flashes once. Nothing else happens. I hit FS5 a second time and the same thing. I don't think this is how it's supposed to work. Is there some setting that I'm missing somewhere?
  7. That sounds like it might work. I haven't got an HD500 yet, I am probably getting one this weekend, I will have to try that out when I do.
  8. Sure, I guess that would work, although I wouldn't want to carry around two foot controllers. What about the HD500 itself? I understand you can program it to send MIDI CCs and etc, can you also have it send MIDI PCs to itself, etc. or does that only work with external devices?
  9. You know, what I'd really like to do, rather than have 4 buttons access patches, 2 buttons access bank, and 4 buttons do various switches, is have more direct patch access. Is this possible with the HD500?
  10. I don't save it. If I save it, it keeps the tempo. However, the way most multi-effects seem to work is that if you tap out a tempo, it keeps it, regardless of patch change, until the unit is reset. This way you can coordinate tempo across multiple patches.
  11. Hi. I have a Pod XT Pro. If I switch to a delay patch, I can set tempo with the tap. However, if I change patches and then return to my original delay patch, the tempo returns to the patch's default, NOT the tempo set by the tap. Any suggestions? Or is this just an insane oversight in the Pod XT Pro?
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