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  1. So I just need to buy the normal POD FARM 2.5 and them I can "import" all my models pack on it and run in the computer authorized? Nice to know that. One more question: The normal PodFarm2.5 with all the models is/will be the same as the Platinum one?
  2. But the PC/MAC version only runs on ILOK or with a line6 device plugged in right? ITs a shame line6 dont offer a way of transferring the model packs. I'm a long user with lots of line6 gear and I feel that the money I spent on the model packs are left behind..
  3. TheRealZap, if I have PodFarm with the UX2 but them I bought all the model packs, will I be able to transfer the model packs to the PODFARM2.5 if I buy it for ILOK? Thanks!
  4. Line6 does not support ProTools anymore? No AAX on the future? Argh... I love PodFarm.... Thats a no point :S
  5. Since GearBox and PodFarm I have all the Model Packs. Then I was a beginner and now I'm a pro living on music. I dont use UX2 anymore and it is just taking me space and one USB. So.. its possible to transfer the ModelPacks that I bought before to my iLOK instead of having to plug the UX2 or the PODXTPRO all the time? This would be great. Any info on that? Thanks
  6. Hello, since updating to the last drivers and last OSX I have a big problem: All my inputs are recorded DISTORTED. Also even if I just open PodFarm and play acoustic guitar it distorted. The same happening to vocals and all sort of stuff I plug in the UX2. Any help? Cheers Miro Vaz
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