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  1. I've got a Pod Pro HD X and am considering an investment in the Helix Native software. I've been looking for information in the manual and elsewhere that would let me know whether Native can preserve settings of the Variax family of instruments per patch as the Pod Pro and Helix appear to to be able to do and I've yet to find an answer to the question. Can anyone here shed some light on this question please? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Rewolf! I will give your suggestion a try as I am desperate to have the Variax back to a usable condition. One thing I learned from this is you really have to do your own patches I think to get the result you are looking for. Is it possible to overwrite 2.0 firmware or greater with 1.71 firmware or is the global string edits enough to get the instrument sounding as good as the 1.71 firmware for the acoustic models?
  3. I bought a JTV-69 several months ago and have grown to like the feel of the guitar as a plain guitar and I like the sound of the regular pickups. But on the modeling side of the guitar, I loaded some presets that Variax user and for whatever reason, the patches altered the sustain and output to a considerable extent. So much so that I could no longer use the guitar for gigging, which was the primary purpose for me buying it in the first place. So, I tried multiple times to follow the instructions to reset the Variax to factory settings but each time I would do the procedure, instead of getting a flashing red light, I got a flashing white light and no discernable change was noticed. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? If so, were you able to resolve it and what were the steps you took?
  4. What would be the preferred brand/gauges for the 69s then? How about Elixir or D'Addario 10s?
  5. Thanks everybody for your input. I am admittedly a noob when it comes to the JTV-69S and to be perfectly honest, haven't had a lot of time to learn Workbench HD much less study the manual. I did give it a look when I received the guitar just to learn how to operate it but that was pretty much the extent of it. I plan to read the manual and take the suggestions offered here and try to balance everything out to where it sounds more musical and compatible with my partscaster and the LPS. I like the feel of the guitar better than I thought I would and the sound of the magnetic pups is palatable. I just need to equalize those with the models and with the traditional axes. I think the suggestions given offer a good chance of making the tones much more pleasing to the ear.
  6. I bought a JTV-69 earlier in the year hoping to replace 3 or 4 axes I gig with on the occasions I play out. While I do like the feel of the instrument and the sound of the magnetic pups, the models leave somewhat to be desired, at least if you compare them to their real world counterparts. I find that many of the models just do not have natural sustain as one would expect, Maybe I am expecting too much or too much of a noob yet to have unlocked the hidden key to get the sustain out of the models. So at this point, I am a bit disillusioned with it but not to the point I am ready to put it up for sale... yet. Our sound guy says it is not as hot at the output as my partscaster or my les paul special. It is supposedly incompatible tonally through the mains in a live situation with my other guitars. So until I can come up with a substantive way to meaningfully address these differences, it's going to have to remain at home. :( Any suggestions to deal with this situation would be appreciated.
  7. This is an interesting thread because I picked up a 69 about 6 weeks ago and for the most part, I am pleased with the guitar. But I prefer the 24.75 scale and a compound radius fingerboard with stainless frets. I have a couple of Warmoth conversion necks on my 75 Strat and partscaster Tele custom and could not be happier with those instruments. So for now, I am keeping the stock Variax neck due to more pressing issues but as soon as I am able, I am going to have a custom nexk made for the Variax. It will then be the closest to a totally versatile axe to bring to a gig if you can only have one. Also, I concur with the other folks posting as to the aural quality of the guitar models. If you are going to do a serious recording project, it's better to have an actual quality instrument rather than using the models found in the Variax. But for live performance, I think the JTV-69 is about as versatile an instrument as one could wish for. I too have gotten dependent on the alternate tunings as much as I have for the different electric and acoustic models. So I will probably buy a 59 to complement the 69 for live performance and also to have a backup if something like breaking a string happens on the 69 in live performance.
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