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  1. what is logging a support ticket will do? i have written a support ticket to line 6 about this problem 2-3 years ago and i have not received any response from them. until now, still nothing. this company has the worst customer support ever. just wanting something cheap to replace the one i lost. i lost everything in the fire including the 3 extra batteries, the charger, the interface that connects the Guitar to the computer with a wire that looks like an "ethernet cable. i cannot even upgrade the firmware of the guitar or use any of the guitar's "on-board digital guitar/tunings". i am basically just using the pickups of the guitar,
  2. i am looking for the charger. not the battery. if there are any cheap alternative
  3. hi. do you guys have a link to a battery charger for the JTV? i lost mine in the fire. i just need a cheap chinese knockoff. the one from line 6 will cost me close to $100 here in canada. i think that is just way too expensive for a battery charger. please and thank you. you can email me at markdagul@yahoo.ca
  4. need help with replacing the email address in my line 6 account. the email address i used to register has been hacked and i have no access to it anymore. account > personal info > edit> email address changed to the new email > confirmed with password at the very bottom> "there was an error processing your submission" i used my iphone browser and i got the same result. i used the laptop safari, firefox, outlook explorer, chrome browsers and still the same result. "There was an error processing your submission" Line 6 please help me!!!!!!!!
  5. I bought mine used. The guy didnt give me the cables needed. So a normal usb for printers will work on this pedal. Thank you for your help
  6. Can someone tell me what usb i need to connect my HD500x to my pc/laptop. Any links to websites? Thank you people
  7. What i mean by this is using the bottom row footswitches as Presets (FS5 to FS8) example:FS5 Clean w/ delay w/ chorus w/ reverb. FS6 Crunch with delay...so on until FS8. While the Top row footswitches (FS1 to FS4) can turn off the effects that i have on the preset that is currently sellected. Example: selected Preset FS5 Clean w/ delay w/ chorus w/ reverb. Pressing FS1 will turn on/off delay. FS2 will turn on/off chorus. FS3 will turn on/off reverb. I hope someone can help me. If this is possible, please help me how to set this up. Thank you!!
  8. My question is if using vdi cable, will i also be able to use my magnetic pickups or just the 'digital guitar' modelling?
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