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  1. I have the same problem now. It just pops out after a while. Unplug replug it comes back (for 1 minute or so) but I can't do this on stage!!!
  2. Thanks again I'll try both configs if I have time during balance.
  3. Thanks for answering. Now how about sending helix sound to the l3t and getting also the return from the board to l3t for exemple in the vocal input (set flat) so I also can balance volume between my guitar and the band monitor? Tried this? Would "vocals+gt+bass+drums" take too much dynamics from the speakers?
  4. robby747

    Helix and Amplifi

    I have played with amplifi bars and scenes with a mic in front of it for the last years, using an ipad to drive it and fbv. That is a great sounding solution for a few bucks. It is also a perfect gear for playing and working at home, with same good sound at low volume, playing backtracks etc. Since I have the helix I got a stage monitor so as to get the less effect from speaker on sound, but before I used to play helix on amplifi with a simple set, no amp, no effect. That works great. I was using guitar cable, not Aux in.
  5. Hi guys. I have an helix and a L3T. Great. Play it together home. Now the question is: how to use it live? Should I play helix to l3t via L6 link then to table, or helix to table then l3t as overall return (band, vocals and me?). Will it sound the same for listeners? Might be a dumb question but I don't set the sound usually, some buddies do it and I just care for my own sound but I'll get a few gigs next months and wanna get it right as I just moved to helix... Rockin' regards
  6. As for myself, first FBV lasted less than 7 months with one extreme drawback: a whistle on the amp when plugged in. I bought a second one: same whistle. That's not normal!
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