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  1. A feature pretty easy to implement that I'd love to see is some way of clearly identifying mono vs. stereo paths or blocks in the signal flow view, for example using a double line for stereo paths, or showing some warning sign when a stereo path is collapsed to mono.
  2. Just send one amp to a path output, and assign that output to USB 1/2, and the other path to a different path output and assign it to USB 3/4. If you haven't modified your unit global configuration you'll have your DI in USB 7. In your DAW you'll just have to select USB 1 (mono) or USB 1/2 (stereo) as the input for one amp track, USB 3 o 3/4 for the other amp track, and USB 7 (mono) for the DI track. In order to monitor while recording, you will also have to send both amps to the 1/4' jack or XLR outputs, I use volume blocks to control the blend of both amps. Dual Amp.hlx
  3. chusx

    Split Amp+Cab block

    This is what I'm actually doing right now, but I've got lots of presets to convert and I wished there was a faster method. Thanks for the response anyway!
  4. chusx

    Split Amp+Cab block

    Hello! I've got several presets that use an "Amp+Cab" block, and I want to split that into separate "Amp" and "Cab" blocks, but without losing the settings of the "Amp+Cab" block. I've tried copying the "Amp+Cab" block and then changing the block type of one of the copies to "Amp" and the other to "Cab", but it resets all the settings. Is there any way to do that? Thanks!
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