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  1. Mine is a RJ45 which I made myself and put a snagless strain relief flush boot. It's a bit fiddly to remove it from the JTV but I use a plastic spudger which really saves me a few quid and I can replace my cable with any length of cable at anytime. https://www.netshop.co.uk/products/rj45-snagless-strain-relief-flush-boot-grey-65mm?gclid=Cj0KCQiAwKvTBRC2ARIsAL0Dgk1uRgge-SQFj9p9NDuE3N7XdSGHWgYtFe4vKKF8ZtGPahqmwUw6U7saAl_PEALw_wcB https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/271828235499?chn=ps&adgroupid=52137191441&rlsatarget=pla-380309513011&abcId=1129946&adtype=pla&merchantid=101769850&poi=&googleloc=9045724&device=c&campaignid=974961043&crdt=0
  2. To those bedroom gigging artist practising at home and worried about the carbon footprints. I was really concern about the power consumption of this beast as I usually practice 2 hours or more everyday. Looking at the manual or the back of your device you will see that the FH 1500 maximum power wattage is equivalent to 600 watts. An Amplifi 75 is equals to 400 watts maximum wattage. On the other side I compared my 3 years old 700 watts microwave oven using a plug in wattmeter. I have never been so wrong in my entire life and really surprised that my oven is devouring my electricity a lot. So from now on I will do more time practising than eating rice. :) Power consumption on Full power Firehawk 1500 = 34 Watts Amplifi 75 = 13 Watts Microwave Oven = 1295 Watts
  3. I tried this W/D/W setup yesterday and it works. For those of you who loves X3 and don't have money to buy Helix see below. :) *** Feed Guitar Amps - Dry 1. X3L Back Panel - Connect the left 1/4-inch output to FH1500 Guitar input 2. Using X3L console, set the first OUTPUTS page, (1/4-inch Outputs): Mode: Combo Front Tone 1: On Tone 1 Pan: Full Left Tone 2: On Tone 2 Pan: Full Right 3. Dial in my dry sound on Tone 1, no effects. 4. From the Home Page, turn the second knob below the display, and begin loading Tone 2 settings. 5. Add more effects to Tone 2, cranking up the effect mixes, so you hear all or nearly all “wet†signal from Tone 2. 6. Save *** Feed a Guitar Amp and Send Separate XLR Direct Outs 1. X3L back panel - Connect 2 x XLR outputs going to 2 x FH1500 Monitor. Set the volume knob to 50% 2. On second OUTPUTS page (Studio/Direct Mix) set the XLR output signals: Mode: Studio/Direct• Tone 1: On• Tone 1 Pan: as desired• Tone 2: On• Tone 2 Pan: as desired• 3. Check your Master Volume. 4. Last thing, set your FireHawk to FRFR by downloading NAMM FRFR from cloud. To check my dry signal I have to select Tone 1, then Tone 2 for wet. To combine Wet/DryWet press and hold for dual(Tone2). To hear if all my speakers are working I have to pan left and right the output for XLR Direct Outs using the console or Gearbox.You can also remove the physical Guitar In/XLRs cable if you can't hear the speaker because they're very close to each other. My default setting for FH1500 is set to Stereo - Wall and I can barely hear the separation of my wet and dry signal but when I set this to Stereo Wide that's when I hear a more pronounced separation. Works like a charm.
  4. I got Firehawk 1500 and Amplifi 75 and both apps are showing the same very annoying message "Cloud Update Pending" then when I click ok it will show unexpected "Error". Also, the tones downloaded in cloud will copy itself more than decuple like a virus and I have to delete it one by one. Disturbing. Line 6 please fix!
  5. Thanks zivdud, your help is much appreciated. I will try your suggestion and hope to get a fantastic sound through X3. If not, I'll probably save for my next HDx or Helix purchase. Many thanks. :)
  6. Got the same problem comparing the acoustic sound of my variax 300 vs JTV 89F with X3 Live using RJ45. JTV acoustic sounds are awful especially when strumming hard even downgrading the firmware to 1.7x. I was about to sell my JTV but gave it a chance by upgrading my gear to Firehawk 1500 / JTV firmware to 2.xx combination and I was surprised the sound is now way better than 300 plucking or strumming. I worked in IT and figured out that when creating new product sometimes going backward is limiting and not really an option as this will involved manufacturing cost. I guess when L6 created the JTV they didn't check the backward compatibility to an old gear like X3 so you really have to go HD.
  7. I actually got the same problem with JTV89F. I don't get the right acoustic sound using version 1.71 and the latest firmware. Although, 1.71 is better than the latest firmware still lacking the acoustic sound(muddy strumming). My variax 300 is better with acoustic than JTV but I just change my amplifier to FH1500 and updated the firmware to 2.22. All sounds great like a real acoustic guitar and loving it. :)
  8. I used a roller dolly transport and you can find this in ebay with measurement 68x29 cm. FH 1500 dimension = 66.14 x 28.8 cm so closely match. Just use a strong velcro to attach it and to save space. The line 6 gig bag is expensive and I would rather put it towards acquiring helix. :)
  9. I just recently bought FH 1500 about a week ago and I'm still clinging on with my beloved x3 live. I really can't justify the cost of upgrading to HD500x or Helix with just a small difference especially with distorted effects. Also, I have a JTV 89f and loving the sound of the acoustic through FH. Is it possible to connect my X3L to FH using a 4 cable method? I'm trying to find a diagram to show me how to do this but I can only see HD500x. Would this be the same way of connecting my X3L? Sorry for my ignorance as I'm new to this fx loop method. Many thanks.
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