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  1. Bought the Vintage pack and I 'think' I installed it correctly. I cant see all of the amps in the 'amp' drop down. Are there any intructions that will show me how to install the pak? Many thanks
  2. Is this the same problem I am having with my HD500X? Tried to update the flash memory and now it boots every 20 seconds or so making it totally useless.
  3. I really like my HD500X but haven't played for a few months. Got it out this morning to play at church and saw that a firmware update was available . Cool some new amps to play with. Downloaded Line6 Monkey, logged into Line 6, downloaded all the 'stuff' - updated the firmware and then saw that the Flash memory had an update. I started the Flash memory update and all hell broke loose. Now My Macbook crashes when I plug the HD500X into it and the HD500X is rebooting every twenty seconds or so. I used to have a great peddle - now nothing is working. Any help? Runnig OSX V 10.10.5. 16gb of memory. Generally no problems with the Mac.
  4. I just bught the HD500. This is my 4tth pod since my first - the original Pod. each one has gotten better. I used the USB cable that came with the unit and was able to update the flash memory in the HD - but - when I run Line6 edit - it doesnt see the HD500. Any tips?
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