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  1. You can download patches from the HD500 section of Customtone. Just select "All Files" when you open the folder to load the patch.
  2. I think of my HD500X as more of an art form than a simple "set it and forget it" tone generator. You definitely need to go in with a lot of patience and willingness to learn and make mistakes. In the end it will be worth it, and you will have a greater understanding of things such as gain staging, frequency response, ect. I can say for sure I've made a lot of really bad sounding patches, but I've also made that one patch that is MY tone. Take your time with it, make mistakes, have fun.
  3. Its a Christmas miracle!!!!!
  4. I've been looking t the L2M from Line 6 for an "amp". From what everyone is saying its the way to go. A little pricey at $699, but people seem to rave about the sound.
  5. Whatever amp model you are using, make sure you go into the deep editing and raise master volume, sag, and I would also adjust the cab parameters to fit. I really find that this is the area that truly tailors the feel of my patches.
  6. Indeed. And on the golf course this spring. Cheers!
  7. Haha! True, we do suck this year. That tends to happen when you franchise player retires to the KHL. Thank Gary Bettman. Also, after 28 games played the Devils are 1 point better than your vaunted Sens. Ha!!
  8. This is great news. I was holding back on an L2M because of this. Looks like I'm off to buy a new toy. Thanks, you just cost me another $800 bucks!! JK
  9. I'm pretty sure I read in these forums that the master volume control of the Pod is disabled while using Line 6 link. You would have to use the channel volume or the volume on the LT3.
  10. I've had my HD500x for about a week now, and I am less than pleased with the headphone output. I'm using Sennheiser HD280 64 ohm cans. I have read all over about the recommended 150+ ohm impedance recommendation for headphones from Line 6, but I am not spending another $150 for high impedance cans. While the headphones do not sound so bad that I can't use them, I believe they have the capability to sound much better. I remember my POD XT sounding much better through the same headphones. So my question is; "Has anyone used a headphone amplifier with the Pod HD, and what were the results?" Thanks in advance. Matt
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