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  1. OK guys at line6 : its amazing. thanks!! I was expecting the glitch delay for so long, I almost bought a bluesky reverb. Glad I didnt. even the new start screen is amazing.
  2. I'm frozen on "rebuilding preset 265".... sobs what I did (HELIX RACK) : restart with ENC5 & ENC6 - reset globals and restore presets, setlists, and IRs (entire factory restore) and trying right now to restore backup and IR with HX Edit, and it worked...
  3. Thanks for that useful pdf! I wish we could directly have the original model name displayed in the helix, or at least make it editable (to avoid legal problem).
  4. by the way, there's still something wrong with my unit, it happened twice and right now again : sometimes, I dont have no sound at all, land the tuner wont show any sign of someting going on. like if the guitar was not plugged in... restarting the unit fixed it.
  5. thanks for your help rd2rk! but It was not a performance problem, and it was nothing with the usb, I eventually figured it out! its quite stupid and it was very random: its was just the tip of my jack cable...I couldnt imagine it was it because it worked fine on any other devices or pedals, but for some reason, it causes problem with the rack, just one tip, the other one is ok. I changed the jack and feel relieved ... I assume it could be the compresion springs on this very kind of planet waves jack that causes problem, it works just fine with a regular jack.
  6. Hi, I just bought a Helix rack yesterday, updated to 2.53, but I had a few issues today, with the sound, the same kind you would have with a faulty cable : like weak volume, some buzz with many cut in the sound... It happened computer off BUT USB plug in, and another time it happened PC on, I had left everything for a while to have a pause and returned after a few minutes, and it was there.First I thought the GUITAR IN had some problem, I restarted the unit several time, but it was still there. The thing that worked and fixed it was to : 1/ restart the PC and the helix rack 2/unplug the USB cable. so I think there might be a problem when the usb is plug and the pc off, or when pc was on sleep mode and you play again. I REALLY HOPE it's just that...because I just bought the unit and love it. What do you think about that? thanks for any help or advice.
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