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  1. Ive seen that when there's an electric fence nearby. Does it do that at home? I actually run mine into a direct box for another layer of decoupling before it hits the snake, but our church system is noisy. Had to do that with helix as well. At home its dead quiet. Most churches have added sound systems etc that they weren't designed for initially. Many times they added sound system power on the same power leg as lighting etc. Nightmare for musicians
  2. Is this your first Line6 product? Ive been around em so long that the tweaking is second nature. ALL digital products have a specific language and once you get used to it, the stuff is real easy. Strymons have their own way of how to create sounds thats so different from others that it takes me a bit to re-wrap my head around it. Options can be overwhelming. Make it as simple as you can for yourself. there's a site i saw with the "top 5 things you need to do when moving to the helix" help sort of checklist. Also, look for presets you can download which help show you how tones are constructed. As far as the fizz, double check the cab sim is on on that preset and most recommend turning off the Global EQ. GET the helix editor installed on your computer. Its much easier to use, even as easy as the screen is to work from
  3. I loaded the Michael Britt presets.... killer. For 30 bucks you get the 32 presets and the IR pack for those as well. Custom IRs of his cabs. If you like vox, clean and mid gain tones, its a bargain. And a great way to learn how to import the IRs and create tones.
  4. i bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.2 for 100 like new in a pawn shop. Works great!
  5. I use mine on sundays and practice with it all week. at church i run it into the fx return of my tube amp. I have presets with the cab sims turned off for that use. at home i use the "cab on" presets into my scarlett 2i2 into reaper. works great either way. Have my samsung 10" tablet BT'd for quick changes and for the tuner. handy for both
  6. Had my JTV69 for a couple months now. been tweaking it a bit to fit me better, but love it. Ive had my 600 for many years and added a 500 a couple of years ago. The 600 maple neck is still my favorite because i played it so long that the neck just fits. The JTV is quickly taking over that 1st chair spot tho
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