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  1. It seems to me that what we all want is some sort of database of amps/effects/verbs/delays etc that is available online from Line 6, where we can log in, download a particular one, load it up and use it. I use IRs here and there, and have lots of them saved on my mac, but I don't load them all into my helix...I audition them and load in the ones I want. If we had the aforementioned database then we could make the Helix the box we want, and probably free up DSP too by being able to 'unload' the things we don't use. I guess my suggestion is that Helix really does become a more 'blank canvas' tool, with access to all the things we may need/want, from a download section on Line 6's website.
  2. That is nice work, i wish I had the skills & time to make something like this. Here in the UK, Swan Flight in Cleveland make a great case for around £140, for Helix, but i like your idea of having the cables in, and less stress on your sockets etc.
  3. Did you change out the entire trem bar & housing as well? My 89F has had an annoying rattle which a bit of ptfe tape cured temporarily, but is not a long term solution.
  4. I'm not understanding how to assign a footswitch to switch off one amp and turn another one on. Also i want to be able to turn on a whole chunk of signal chain when i change to a different amp. Will this be in snapshots, & if so, how do I do that? thanks
  5. Gareth1

    Sound on sound

    Thanks very much for that! I shall try it on my next days off, damn shifts eat into my play time! I'll upload anything I get that is interesting!
  6. Gareth1

    Sound on sound

    Thanks for the tip, I'm just getting to grips with the snapshots, it's a great tool!
  7. Gareth1

    Sound on sound

    Errr, no. Thanks, but I don't buy patches, but what I was after was some suggestion as to how I can do it myself. Sort of a start point; 'use this chain here, set up this switch like this to change to the other sound' sort of thing.
  8. Gareth1

    Sound on sound

    On my old x3 live I had a lovely little patch which had 2 amps, one would hold a pad and then I'd switch to the other and play over the top (bit like Gilmour doing shine on at the Albert hall) I'm damned if I can work out how to do it on my helix! Maybe I'm just being lazy, but can anyone assist? Thanks
  9. Or it might be my old MacBook, tho I've not had any issues thus far! I just can't seem to get the editor for Helix to work, I have this little side screen with the presets etc all the time and no nice Helix looking screen to edit on. I'm running latest OS X and updates for my Helix. Also as a side note, can I get my variax HD editor to run through the Helix, like my old X3 live did? I might just be old and tired, but I can't work out what's going on! A simple tutorial might help with the editor (start to finish) Thanks Guys!
  10. just got my Helix.... my other half is going to be a guitar widow now for a while!

  11. Gareth1

    Crackling 150

    thank you for this.... it somehow managed to sort itself out! very odd! I'm not using any foot controller, i just run it from my ipad. i shall keep an eye on it, & hopefully itll be just fine now.
  12. Gareth1

    Crackling 150

    sorry for the delay.... i'm at a bit of a loss as to where it actually is in the amp. It may be that the mains feed is dodgy (old house!) I'll keep trying! thanks for your assistance guys! In other news, I've ordered a Helix & an L2M which are coming at the end of this month, so my Amplifi woes will not be around for long once I start playing around with that! I'll get back to my Amplifi after I've explored my new toys! thanks again!
  13. Gareth1

    Crackling 150

    It crackles with or without a guitar plugged in....It happens whether I'm using my strat, variax or acoustic. Most frustrating!
  14. Gareth1

    Crackling 150

    So, my amplifi 150 is crackling. I've tried everything to sort it out, new power lead, reset to factory etc, but still it fizzes and crackles. It isn't noticeable when I'm playing, but just when I'm not playing or I'm listening to music quietly thru it, there it is! Amp is on a hardwood floor, there's nothing around to create static etc, so it's not that. Anyone have any ideas?
  15. can't sleep, excited to play with my Amplifi 150

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