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  1. So, after reading around on the forum, I'm noticing a lot of people had the same issue I did. I figured I would post the solution. My install stalled at the midpoint like most of the others having issues on here. It was then that I decided to read ALL the instructions. After reading around on the forum I saw a lot of people were in the same boat. I realized I missed a critical piece of information. TO INSTALL HX EDIT UPDATE BEFORE RUNNING THE FW UPDATE. So, I had to do it while it was stalled. At the end it said I needed a reboot, and I was worried, but what I ended up doing was just closing everything out except the installer, leaving the Helix LT on, and on the error message screen. Once the computer rebooted, I re-ran the updater. It actually didn't even do the first half of the install over. It just continued on with stall point were it left off, and I'm now happy and jamming again. Hope this helps someone not make the same stupid mistake. But if they do, at least they can fix it without the fear I felt! Most likely you either made the same mistake, or you didn't reboot your PC after running the HX Edit update. Which would be why your PC's are not recognizing the device also. It's because the 2.8 driver has not been properly engaged yet. Good luck!
  2. I would really love to see some Randall amps. Some classic solid states. MORE GAIN!!!! HOHOHOHOOOOO!!!!
  3. Hah, I'm a new Pro Tools user/former Ableton user, and I was hoping to find something on PT11 support for Pod Farm, and I found this. ATM I'm just running PF standalone, and recording rig tones directly, but support through the program would be nice. In fact, I use standalone much more often anyways as it uses ten times less system resources, but hey, it'd be nice regardless. Dry and wet record would be nice.
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