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  1. Hi, Warner Music just released my first song. I used the Helix for the guitar sound and as the sound-cart. I've been a Line6 user for many years, got a lot of gear from them and I just love it. Its not only nice sounding but is also let you be very creative. I'm very interested if you like the song and the sound of the lead guitar. Please let me know! I used the Fatality amp model. https://youtu.be/qsBgSddEamo this is the preset I used https://line6.com/customtone/tone/3978061/
  2. Thanks, I didn't save it because I was just trying things out. But I used the Shiva with V30 speakers, 57 mic, mid around 6, treble and presents past 9 (depends on what guitar your using) and the bass not too high. I always use the spring reverb (black one), the digital delay (3 repeats, mix around 12) and for this solo I believe a analog delay (feedback around 40 mix, around 21). The Line 6 distortion can also add something nice.
  3. Hey, I Recorded the solo in this track with the new Shiva model in the HD500X. I much say I really like the new amp models! For the ritme guitar I used the Twin model. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVzBQgoAosc Cheers
  4. Do you work at Line 6? I hope that they fix the sound very quick. I played allot of strat and also owned allot strats. I know ever guitars sounds different. I also know that a good tone is in the fingers but the Line 6 strat doesn't sound like a normal guitar, the sound is very thin and cold. For the people who don't know what a Haar guitar is, check this Reinhold Bogner own's allot of them.
  5. I hope the people that work at Line 6 will take the critics serious. I just tested the strat sound again and I sounds like a Joke, not even like a real guitar. I own 7 strats, 4 Fenders 3 Haar guitars so I know what I'm talking about. The JTV wasn't a cheap guitar so I expect a good sound out of It. To switch back to the 1.9 version isn't a option because that version also needs allot of work, the acoustic sound are very bad and the overall sounds is nog realistic. The acoustic sound in the older variax are much better. I believe you like the sound, that fine. But that doesn't mean other people must like I. Just compare a real fender (a good one, custom shop or a old one) with the variax, maybe you understand what everbody mean. (sorry my English is very bad)
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