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  1. Has anyone else discovered this? I recently was pleased to hear some feedback coming from the PowerCab speaker (using V30 speaker emul) when standing in front of it with high output pickups and somewhat high gain amp + boost. I was really surprised, but thinking about it, I suppose that's just how it should work. Anyway, more recently I'm working on a song that I want to record in Reaper, and one of the guitar tracks has some feedback during the intro (it's a .mogg file of The Donnas - New Kid in School). So I'm planning on muting all the original guitar tracks and record all my own tracks, which is what I usually do. Well, I'd like to even record that bit of feedback, and figured I'd mic up the PC speaker and see how it goes. Since my normal setup includes one channel of the UX2 getting input from the PowerCab's XLR out, I had left that on while recording. So I was recording the mic'd speaker in one channel, and the XLR out in the other. I expected that what I would hear recorded was feedback only in the mic'd channel, and no feedback from XLR out. I was shocked to hear that the recording included the feedback!! This is actually very cool, and was very unexpected.
  2. This is indeed a very cool feature. I'm doing the same thing with an Atomic Amplifire 6. For each AF6 preset with an amp only and no cab, I've set the same numbered PowerCab preset to a speaker model that I like with that amp. Other than setting the presets to match on both devices, I just had to set the MIDI channel to 1. This is awesome.
  3. I have a GuitarPort and currently use it with Windows 10. Really incredible how long this GuitarPort has lasted, talk about getting your money's worth. After upgrading from Win7 to Win10, and updating the driver with Monkey, it started working (without any workarounds). I also use GearBox heavily and rely on the built-in player. And occasionally see the same issue in fact, I've noticed that sometimes all media players (GearBox player, Windows Media Player, YouTube videos) just don't do anything. Hit the play button and it just sits there. You can play through GearBox with your guitar and hear sound from whatever (headphones or speakers) is plugged in to GuitarPort, but no media players work. (also should note that I always hibernate my PC, because I hate the long boot times with this computer). Anyway the easy (yet annoying) fix is to simply unplug and re-plug the USB cable. Sometimes I actually have to do it twice, but usually just once. That's it, and it starts working. Once in a while after waking the PC from hibernation, it works and no need to unplug/replug USB. I also use Audacity to record from GuitarPort, loading up backing tracks, then recording my own guitar track. Everything is working in Windows 10, which blows me away. Just have the annoying unplug/replug scenario. Hope this helps.
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