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  1. nunonaos

    Bogner alchemist channel randomly switch

    Ok,i'll try a tube swap and post the resulta.Thanks a lot
  2. nunonaos

    Bogner alchemist channel randomly switch

    So you're saying that it's probably the tubes that are causing problems in the channel switching? Yes the tubes have more than one year...
  3. Hello, I started this topic is this section because you don't have a section for my amp. I know my amp is a bogner but they told me that it was manufactured by line6 so I'm seeking help with you. When I connect my footswitch, sometimes the amp randomly changes channel. I have a friend that also has that amp and his started to randomly switching channels even with the footswitch connected. I believe this is a problem with the relay switching, maybe it gets overheated os something... Can you provide some kind of help? Thanks