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  1. warcloud, I think if you start up the Edit software and head to the SETLIST area, you can drag/drop whatever patches you want to a new setlist. Then navigate to that setlist and use those patches during your gig. I say "I think" because I just purchased a 500X a few days ago and haven't yet done this, specifically, but I've done similar functions. Should work.
  2. I'll be using my 500X for some live gigging and wanted to bounce some things off of the viewing audience here . Thanks for your help with past questions and thanks in advance for this one too. I've used a Pod 2.0 for the last couple of years. When playing live I would use the Left (mono) 1/4" out to a DI box, then XLR from the DI to the snake and 1/4" from the DI into my guitar amp which was being used ONLY as a personal monitor. Using the 500X I'm assuming that I can forgo the DI box and XLR directly to the snake AND 1/4" to my monitor with little to no adjustments needed by the 500X. Assuming I'm on the right track, I haven't yet designed any stereo patches, but should I use BOTH XLR outs anyway? We have plenty of mixer space so that's not an issue. We are NOT using a stereo setup with the sound gear so it will end up being mono anyway. I guess my question here is, if only one XLR is used, does the HD know that and send both Left and Right signals through the one XLR line?
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    Pod Hd500x

    "My Bad" is #7A in the Best of HD Setlist on the 500X. At least it is on mine, anyway.
  4. djspleen

    Pod Hd500x

    There is a preset called "My Bad" that could be used for a U2 delay type sound.
  5. All is right again with the world! I called Guitar Center and they were happy to exchange the first one. I took the new one home, hooked up the USB, updated the flash with Monkey just like it's supposed to, started the Edit Software and BAM! Everything works perfectly! So, it was a faulty original unit. Who'da thunk it? I'm marking this thread as SOLVED! Thanks to Guitar Center and to everyone here that offered their expertise and suggestions. There is a great wealth of experience and knowledge here!
  6. I'm sorry I wasn't clear earlier. I tried the re-flash using the power up holding D pad down method. The Pod is ready to update via Monkey, but the timeout error keeps appearing so Monkey won't update it the way things sit now. Both Monkey and Edit software recognize that a 500X is attached, but when a working connection is attempted I instantly get the timeout error.
  7. Monkey won't update it because it keeps giving me the timeout error. If I can't get a good connection to the Pod then I don't know how it could update the firmware. Unless I'm trying to flash it using a wrong procedure, which could be the case as this is all new to me. This could likely be a moot point now anyway, as when I power up the Pod it won't go beyond the Line 6 splash screen. It just keeps cycling through that screen every 5-10 seconds.
  8. Ok...last update for the evening, I hope. I tried a different USB cable that has been working fine connected to the printer. I tried all three USB ports on the laptop (I skipped the desktop this time...what's the point?) and same results. I grabbed another cable from my scanner and attempted on the first USB port on the laptop with the same results. I moved on to the next USB port but this time I got a message "Could not detect a Pod HD500X connected to your computer. Pod HD500X Edit will run in offline mode." I thought that was strange so I looked down at the Pod and the Line6 splash screen was cycling on the LCD screen. I left it plugged in while I was typing this post and it's still just cycling through the splash screen. I've also tried unplugging it for a moment and plugging it back in several times, waiting different lengths of time before plugging it in...still cycling. Line6david, I'll send my official reply via the support ticket as you requested. Thanks.
  9. Update: I've tried all 4 USB ports on the back of my desktop and I've tried all 3 USB ports on my laptop. After it did it's plug-n-play thing on each of the ports...same results. I'll try a different USB cable but Monkey currently seems to recognize that a 500X is attached. It just can't do anything with it. I'll post another update after the different cable attempt(s). One thing that I noticed on the laptop that I don't remember seeing on the desktop, right after I start up the Edit software an error message flashes for a second "Invalid data found in one or more patches. These patches have been reset and named "New Tone (Reset)". But then the Edit software starts, the timeout message shows up and there are no patches from the unit anyway, so it probably doesn't mean much, I just wanted to be thorough. Thanks everyone for all of your suggestions. It will work eventually!
  10. Out of all that, my main question is what is "flashing in safe mode"? <---newbie
  11. Oh boy...I was really trying/hoping to avoid that alternative. I did open a support ticket with Line 6, maybe they'll come up with something. I'll give the printer cable a try and see what's up.
  12. Thanks Uber. I've tried multiple ports, but not all of them yet. I'll swap some things out and give it a try. I have several things plugged in the other USB ports, mouse, printer, scanner, external hard drive, etc. None of them sound too exotic but I'll give it a try. After last night's fiasco, the two ports on the front of my computer don't work with the Pod at all anymore, for whatever reason. They just give me three nasty beeps meaning, "hey, I don't like it when that's hooked up to me!" but I can attach other items to those same ports and it works fine. I don't own a USB hub so that's not an issue. I do find it interesting that my Windows 7 laptop gave me the same connectivity error as my desktop.
  13. I don't think I have an issue with the driver. The driver installed when I installed the 500X software several days ago (before I had the unit, similar to what SiCantwell mentioned). When I plugged in the Pod to my computer, it did it's normal plug-and-pray operation and proceeded without issue UNTIL I try to connect it to the Edit software. mazua, I'll try what you say, but you're describing the process I used already. I didn't have anything hooked up during the initial driver install or when I de-installed/re-installed the drivers downloaded directly from Line 6.
  14. Hmm...Monkey says the installed Flash Memory version is "unknown" and should be updated (it has the yellow exclamation point sign). But every time it tries it says it's timing out (after only a few seconds?) so it fails. I attached some screenshots. Something screwy is going on here.
  15. Interesting. I'll make sure to give the Monkey a try. I tried to connect to my laptop but I received the exact same error message as I got on my XP desktop. I'm pretty sure I don't have any 1.0 USB ports on any of my computers, but stranger things have happened, I suppose. I did notice that two of my USB ports didn't seem to like the Pod. So I tried another port on the back of the computer and it at least recognized it. Crazy stuff!
  16. I hooked up my HD500X via USB for the first time tonight. After the initial driver installation (with seemingly no problem) I received an error message when connecting to edit software (see posted pic). As suggested, I disconnected/connected the hardware and started/re-started the software (more than one cycle) with same results. So then I tried to start completely over by uninstalling the Pod drivers. Now when I plug it in via USB it can't find any drivers to cool! So, it won't install or recognize when the Pod is plugged in. Off to a great start! I searched for a similar error code on here but didn't find anything, so hopefully I'm not rehashing something that's already been discussed. I know how you guys love it when that happens. dj
  17. I did wipe it off but haven't had time to test it yet. I'm not holding my breath, however. I'll contact Line6 and see what they recommend. Thanks!
  18. I'll post some pics of what I'm seeing: 1) With the top removed: 2) With the bank of buttons unattached. Note that only circuit board is under the buttons, no switches: 3) The plastic housing that holds the buttons together has been removed. Only a sheet of rubber buttons remains: 4) This shows the backside of the rubber button sheet. Also visible is the part of the buttons that contacts the circuit board: I don't see any moving parts relating to the tuner.
  19. I'm not arguing with anyone. I'm just reporting what I see. I didn't see any dirt/dust/gunk or anything else to clean up and I didn't see any movable parts relating to the tuner. I'm sorry if I worded something incorrectly, I certainly didn't mean to offend you or to sound like a smart @$$...sometimes that just happens by accident.
  20. I'm not sure where the dirt and grime could be hiding. The tuner "switch" is molded on a removable sheet of rubber fused with all of the other buttons in the middle of the Pod (similar to what you see when you take a TV remote control apart) that come in contact with the circuit board. There is nowhere for dirt to hide, that I could see. And unless I'm totally not understanding anything I saw today, there is no switch to change, it was all circuit board. Reformat who knows what...I was just hoping that a process like that existed. :)
  21. I took the entire thing apart. The circuit board looks clean enough to eat off of, there wasn't anything to clean much for the dirt theory. Next step is to reformat it...if that's even possible.
  22. Never mind my second post. It's not working at all again. Obviously there are some issues there. I'll take it apart and see what I can see. I can't sell it the way it is now anyway, so what do I have to lose?
  23. Strange...I messed with the backup Pod for a while and it seems to be working (mostly) now. Maybe it forgot what it was supposed to do after not being used for so long? *shrugs* The only strange thing is when I change it to TUNER the unit doesn't mute the output. Maybe that's a setting change from the factory rest, I've never had to mess with that. I don't know what happened, but it's fixed...for now. But if anyone has any theories I'd be happy to hear them.
  24. Hi. I've owned a Pod 2.0 for many years but I didn't have a floorboard until about a year ago when I purchased one on eBay. There was a Pod 2.0 unit included in the floorboard auction. I kept it as a spare since I had all of my settings on the Pod I already owned. I tested everything when I first received it and as far as I knew at that point it all was working fine (both the board and the Pod). I'm now thinking about selling this extra Pod so I'm trying it out to make sure it still works. Well...much to my surprise it doesn't! It started out fine but after a few minutes it switched to TUNER mode on its own. I thought that was strange, so I turned the tuner off by switching to a bank. It worked fine for a few more minutes but switched to TUNER mode again. It's a very intermittant kind of thing, sometimes it switches right away and sometimes it waits several minutes. And now in addition to that issue, it's acting like it's not getting any INPUT signal. When it does switch to TUNER it shows only a dash and it does not register that it hears any notes whatsoever. If I switch it to one of the banks there still is no sound output. I've tested the cables as well as my working Pod (and made sure my guitar volume was up) and everything works fine until I switch out to the backup Pod. I made sure the OUTPUT LEVEL is not at zero on the Pod and I've also turned, flipped and switched every available knob and button to see if something perhaps got dirty or wet or whatever while it was sitting on my shelf for the last changes. It's now a soundless Pod that switches to TUNER mode all by itself. I did a factory reset (holding down UP and DOWN while powering up) but that made no difference. I didn't see that this issue was brought up here before, but maybe someone has some thoughts. If you do, please let me know! Thanks.
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