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  1. On the dock it says 'Use the charger only wit hthe AC adaptor provided'. So should the adapter be AC, or DC (AC adaptors are now banned in Europe, I believe).
  2. ColonelForbin, would you mind re-uploading those pics? I am currently flirting with the idea of adding an m13 to my rig myself, and I would love to see how it would look (I can't open the files on dropbox).
  3. But editing in both the editor and on the device was possible before, and back than I don't recall it causing syncing problems.
  4. I lost the cable part of the BR4 charging set for the JTV, but I don't feel like buying an entire new pack. I do not know a lot about polarity and the like, so could someone suggest an AC adaptor that would work? Or should I stick with the advice on the charger saying 'Use the charger only with the AC adaptor provided'?
  5. Excuse me for bumping this post, but I recall from earlier versions of pod hd edit, the sync-in-progress message not showing up, whereas in later versions it does show up. I would like to edit on both the pod hd500, as well as in edit. Is this possible?
  6. I have the docking station of the jtv(59) battery, but I lost the AC adaptor. What specs would an adaptor need if I would buy a separate AC adaptor?
  7. Thanks. I want the pedal after the amp stage, in order not to influence the gain, but I do want it before my M5 that's in the fx loop, so the question is, what impedance (high or low) and what pedal?
  8. I would like to add a stereo volume pedal to my set-up, with the pedal in the fx loop, placed after the amp and mixer on the hd500. What pedal would work? I currently have the opportunity to buy a EB 6165 with 500 Ohm resistance. (A question on the side; the volume pedal I currently use is an EB VP JR and when I use in the HD500's fx loop, its volume is either off in heel position, or fully on, after a slight tilt. Is this due to the resistance of this pedal or is it broken?) Thanks
  9. I really enjoy building great, weird and huge sounds using my pod hd500 and m5, but I feel like I am not as ‘free’, creatively speaking, as I’d like to be. I love the variety of sounds that fx modelers offer, but amp-wise, I mostly use just 3 sounds; clean, crunch and high-gain and I am happy with the settings I have for the amp models right now. However, the most important part of my sound comes from effects, using big reverbs, delays and often strange combinations of filters and modulation. These, I want to dial in fast. In this regard, I feel that there are two factors that sort of hold me back. Firstly, for every quick idea for a new sound, I have to spend some time getting the amp model right, either by copying an existing preset, or building a new amp, which holds me back from focusing on the core of my sound which, for me personally, are the effects. A second factor holding me back is the fact that as I set a new effect, all standard settings are used, so I cannot have my personal settings for certain effects that I often use. I would like to be able to call up effects on the fly as I like them. Basically, how I imagine it, my perfect setup would involve a pedalboard that is way too big, but with effects at my disposal, whenever I feel like using them. I am asking you for your advice on how to achieve the flexibility I am looking, by using the presets in a different manner, by using the fx-loop differently, by adding an m13, or some other advice that might change the paradigm through which I look at building sounds. My set-up: jtv59 -> pod hd500 -> mackie th12 (btw: I recently started using the pod hd edit software on my macbook, which does deliver a large part of the flexibility I am looking for) Thanks
  10. I currently own a Pod HD500, and I am planning to switch to a Pod HD500X soon. If I buy the additional update for my current Pod HD500, will I be able to use this purchase on a new Pod HD500X in the future?
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