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  1. I use full amp models with my HD500 connected via L6-link to DT25. The reason is though that I have an issue with the drive in my DT25, it seems it doesn't give the amount of gain you expect when I crank it up (see http://line6.com/support/topic/8489-dt25-drive-issue/). When I use the full amp models I get the amount of gain I expect. However, now and then my DT25 is working properly and in my opinion the pre-amp models sounds better when DT25 is in normal mode than the full amp models. I think the full amp models sounds more brittle or harsh than the pre amp models. More digital, whatever that means... The pre amp models feel more natural to me. Anyway, I have managed to tweak some full amp patches to sound OK, even though my tones not often are really high gain, more clean or crunchy. The key is EQ. I use the full amp models for now when we are gigging, until I get my DT25 to work OK, and I have not had any issues with it. Actually, people often gives positive feedback on my tones. I don't think anyone listening at a venue can tell the difference if I use pre amp models or full amp models. As always, it all comes down to what you think sounds OK or not, no matter how you get your tone!
  2. When using the DT25 stand alone I use all the 4 voices, programmed with the amp models that the amp came with (American clean, British crunch, Class A chime, Modern high-gain). They all show the same response, not the amount of distorsion expected. When using the DT25 with the HD500 I use several more amp models, almost all of them! I play all kinds of music and really enjoy the Line 6 products since I don't need to own a bunch of amps. But the response is the same for all of them, not the amount of distorsion expected. As I have written before the response is the same also with the master volume cranked, to get that power amp distorsion.
  3. LVM = low volume mode. When tweaking the drive knob I don't get the amount of distorsion I expect. At 100% it just gives a more or less crunchy tone. And that concerns all 4 voicings. Running a pre amp model via the POD, with the DT25 in normal mode also doesn't give the expected response . When in LVM or running a full amp model via L6 linked POD HD500 the response is as I expect. I expect the drive to saturate my tone with distorsion.
  4. I have been playing my DT25 for some time. I have a big issue though. My clean tones sounds really good, but with the more dirty tones it appears that when tweaking the drive it doesn't respond the way it should. I just get some distorsion and not the full range. When running the DT25 in LVM it seems to respond OK when turning the drive knob. But in normal mode it doesn't. It is the same for all of the four different voices. I have also tried with the master knob tweaked to its maximum to get the desired amount of dist. When I compare tweaking the drive knob in the POD HD500 it responds with a lot more distorsion at the same setting. Using the the DT25 connected via L6 link to the POD HD500 shows the same response. I have anyway managed to get some good tones out of the DT25 connected to the HD500. My way around the problem is to use the full versions and not the pre versions of the amps with DT25 in normal mode. Then the drive response is as expected and the tones are OK in my opinion. However, I know that the tones sound even better when the normal mode is working properly. I don't know what the problem is but I know my DT25 has been working properly a few days since I got it. I then got the response I expected when turning the drive knob. So my guess is that something is loose and that probably only a properly educated service tech could fix it for certain amount of money, but I am not sure... Does anyone know anything about this?
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