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  1. talwilkins

    Free Helix Back Panel Inputs/Outputs Label sticker.

    Nice work! Thanks!
  2. talwilkins

    Helix Harsh Tones/ offensive replies

    I think the main reason people suspect you're not genuine is the fact you don't respond to the best invitation to help you: Post your signal path and some sound files. This way people can hear what's going on and give you meaningful advice. There have been some really bad trolls in the past and people have become a bit suspicious because of them. If you really want help, give the people offering their help something to work with. Or at least tell them why you can't or won't.
  3. talwilkins

    Helix with Firehawk 1500

    I must say I've never had as quiet a system as the Firehawk 1500 with Helix
  4. great share, thanks!
  5. talwilkins

    Piezo blend tone

    I use a couple of patches with two paths. One using an acoustic IR, the other an amp sim with overdrive. I don't have a guitar with piezo's but it still sounds very nice. I was inspired by some tones of Frank Zappa who might well be the first to do something like this.
  6. talwilkins

    Has anyone tried the flight cases?

    Sorry, I was answering the forum question. So, the Thon is the one I was referring to. Great box!
  7. talwilkins

    Has anyone tried the flight cases?

    It's a great case, built like a tank. I've had mine for more than two years and it's still as good as new (well, almost)
  8. talwilkins

    So, where are we at now? 2.53?

    Ah, so! Sorry about the misunderstanding :) As far as I can tell it works fine, although ther are bound to be a few bug in there still.
  9. talwilkins

    So, where are we at now? 2.53?

    Yeah, that page is often lagging behind a bit. The download itself will tell the truth.
  10. talwilkins

    So, where are we at now? 2.53?

    That would prabably be the lastest version to be found in the download area. People, it's no rocket science. Line6 publishes the updates on the download page. The latest version is to be found on top. No mystery. Don't get confused because of different version numbers. When they publish an update to the firmware because of a few bugs (2.53) that are not an issue in HX Edit (2.52) they don't need to publish a new version of HX Edit so it stays 2.52
  11. talwilkins

    So, where are we at now? 2.53?

    Consensus about what? The lastest version is the latest version, what is there to debate, go look in the download section and find your answer?
  12. talwilkins

    Is there an auto-wah?

    I don't like the auto filter much. The Tron Up in the POD500 dind't work for me either, couldn't get anything useful from it. The good news is that somehow the Tron Up in helix is wonderful. Works like charm an sounds great (to me).
  13. talwilkins

    Why doesn't Helix use the icons for the blocks?

    Now now, no need for that. I'm sure he can read. What he's saying is that it's irritating him to have to activate the block before being ABLE to read what the thing is. You don't have everything assigned to a scribble strip and you can't see from them to which block they are assigned to so that's certainly not the answer. Doesn't work from snapshot mode either. Using the joystick to get to the block you want to find out what is is can be kind of irritating and certainly not faster than clicking on it in Editor. Especially when you accidentally turn the joystick knob while doing it (no undo). You have to agree that it's at least sometimes annoying when you get to a patch and can't see what Amp and Cab are in there, for instance. Personally I get by with is without too much irritation but I see where the OP is coming from. Esspecially when now seeing small "'cutsy" icons are in there, the question why they are not on the signal chain is a valid one. It would make reading the chain and thus editing it easier and quicker.
  14. talwilkins

    Wah auto engage glitch?

    Hey, I totally forgot to update the thread :unsure: This was the response from L6: Hi, Unfortunately this is a bug in the Helix at the moment. It is slated for a fix in the next release. thanks for your patience. I believe the next update is due soon, right?
  15. talwilkins


    Indeed, I started with the Studio Tube Pre because that seemed logical. But I must admit I've thought about is and I really don't know why this is logical. If you don't go through Helix you wouldn't use a pre amp but just connect the microphone to the table through XLR. Why use a pre amp now? Does anyone know?