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  1. talwilkins

    Helix and Firehawk FH1500

    I use Helix with FH1500 in mono, going front in. No amp, no cab on FH1500. Sounds stellar, plenty volume. I tried stereo but didn't like it. I don't think stereo is such a great thing on stage anyway. Also tried going monitor in and think it sounds pretty much the same. Last gig I put the FH1500 on the kickstand in front of me like a monitor. Never had such great sound on stage for myself before! Now I use the front in so I can always use the monitor in for monitor feed from the desk if needed.
  2. talwilkins

    Helix Floor as a foot controller for the Firehawk 1500

    Why do you use the XLR to Monitor ins and not just the guitar in if you're not going wet-dry-wet? What's the advantage?
  3. talwilkins

    Overdrive in front

    I agree that the drive models are great but I use a Lex Boss Superdrive in the loop because nothing compares to it and I just love that pedal. I can get sort of close but simply not close enough.
  4. talwilkins

    Newbie Question for Guitar + Vocal

    Why quite limited? I have a path dedicated to my vocals and use three paths for guitar which have dramaticlly different guitar tones per preset. Only in one or two cases I needed so much DSP I had to ditch the vocal path. Fortunately they were instrumental numbers.
  5. talwilkins

    Newbie.... Idiot?

    I playthough a Line6 Firehawk 1500 amp and I can say it feels fine and sounds fantastic. Just like having an amp in the room. Of course, ther IS an ampp in the room!
  6. talwilkins

    Free Helix Back Panel Inputs/Outputs Label sticker.

    Nice work! Thanks!
  7. talwilkins

    Helix Harsh Tones/ offensive replies

    I think the main reason people suspect you're not genuine is the fact you don't respond to the best invitation to help you: Post your signal path and some sound files. This way people can hear what's going on and give you meaningful advice. There have been some really bad trolls in the past and people have become a bit suspicious because of them. If you really want help, give the people offering their help something to work with. Or at least tell them why you can't or won't.
  8. talwilkins

    Helix with Firehawk 1500

    I must say I've never had as quiet a system as the Firehawk 1500 with Helix
  9. great share, thanks!
  10. talwilkins

    Piezo blend tone

    I use a couple of patches with two paths. One using an acoustic IR, the other an amp sim with overdrive. I don't have a guitar with piezo's but it still sounds very nice. I was inspired by some tones of Frank Zappa who might well be the first to do something like this.
  11. talwilkins

    Has anyone tried the flight cases?

    Sorry, I was answering the forum question. So, the Thon is the one I was referring to. Great box!
  12. talwilkins

    Has anyone tried the flight cases?

    It's a great case, built like a tank. I've had mine for more than two years and it's still as good as new (well, almost)
  13. talwilkins

    So, where are we at now? 2.53?

    Ah, so! Sorry about the misunderstanding :) As far as I can tell it works fine, although ther are bound to be a few bug in there still.
  14. talwilkins

    So, where are we at now? 2.53?

    Yeah, that page is often lagging behind a bit. The download itself will tell the truth.
  15. talwilkins

    So, where are we at now? 2.53?

    That would prabably be the lastest version to be found in the download area. People, it's no rocket science. Line6 publishes the updates on the download page. The latest version is to be found on top. No mystery. Don't get confused because of different version numbers. When they publish an update to the firmware because of a few bugs (2.53) that are not an issue in HX Edit (2.52) they don't need to publish a new version of HX Edit so it stays 2.52