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  1. I have the same issue. My left channel has lower volume and also distorted sound. I've been having this issue for a while but didn't get round to looking into it. I have no idea when exactly it started. Shure hope it's not a hardware issue. With me it also affects the sound coming from my PC
  2. Actually the GP-8 was mostly analog. Only the delay and chorus wer digital. Is sounded pretty darn good!
  3. Please do! you could share your patch, that would be the easiest.
  4. I have one of the first Helix Floors in the Netherlands and found the update procedure complicated but it never gave me any problem. I was always a bit nervous because of all the posts of people who did have problems but I guess I was lucky. Now the procedure is great, BUT............ It would be even better if Helix edit would also auto update instead of needing to download the updatefile and running it manually. Now you get the Firmware update pop up when you start Edit and need to exit that to update Edit first. Just saying, no biggy but the workflow doesn't really flow if you catch my drift.
  5. I have recently purchased a BOSS WL-T. Very low latency and works great til now. No problems whatsoever
  6. I have my mic in gain at 9 dB Not sure why actually but on the mixer I seem to have around the same level as the other mics that are connected directly to the mixer. I go XLR out at mic level. I do wonder why mic lever seems a lot quieter than the mic directly to the table (it seems about 9 dB but it could be a bit more or less) As you can see I haven't gone very precise about this, no measurements. It sounds fine. Why use a compressor on voice?
  7. Going back to an older firmware would sort out if it has anything to do with the latest.
  8. Why use a pre amp for vocals? If you wouldn't use the Helix for vocals you would plug the mic directly to the table. I'm not saying you shouldn't but are genuinely interested in the reason. I use the Helix for some vocal effects and started at first with a pre amp but have changed to using none. It works fine but I'm always wondering if I'm missing something
  9. Maybe I don't understand what you are doing but, can't you just use the output block volume to adjust between different patches?
  10. It seems you can only adjust the bitrate in the Apple driver, not in Windows. So 48kHz zeems to be what it is in Windwos
  11. Update (from the manual): Helix functions as a USB 2.0, multiple-input/output, 24-bit - 96kHz, low-latency audio interface for Windows® and Mac® computers, as well as for iPad and iPhone (with optional Apple Camera Connection Kit adapter), and is compatible with all major DAW software. NOTE: For USB audio operation on Windows® computers, it is necessary to download and install the Line 6 Helix ASIO® driver (see page 56). For Mac® computers, it is only necessary to download and install the Line 6 Mac® Core Audio driver if you desire audio sample rate operation at rates other than 48kHz (see page 56). These drivers are available from There is no driver installation necessary for an Apple iPad or iPhone. This seems to imply the USB is set to 48kHz as standard and can be changed thrue the driver software. Don't ypu just love manuals?
  12. I just read in the manual the I/O sample rate setting does not affect USB sample rate operation. It doesn't say what the USB sample ratie is though.
  13. Register the Variax at and mark it stolen. I had a guitar stolen from me in Sweden a couple of years ago. I registered it there and it actually came back to me about a year later. It surfaced at a pawn shop. To be fair, I was the first ever to get my guitar back since the start of the site a little over a year before. It's free to register one guitar so go over there and do it. YOU NEVER KNOW!
  14. Now that's more like it!
  15. Why not just use Helix Edit with a laptop connected to your Helix Floor through USB? It doen't really make sense to use Helix Native to this end. Unless I'm missing something, of course.
  16. I wouldn't do that if I were you. Your gig will most certainly get messed up by him. Keep the sound guy happy and friendly and you might have a chance he does a good job is my motto!
  17. I use Helix with FH1500 in mono, going front in. No amp, no cab on FH1500. Sounds stellar, plenty volume. I tried stereo but didn't like it. I don't think stereo is such a great thing on stage anyway. Also tried going monitor in and think it sounds pretty much the same. Last gig I put the FH1500 on the kickstand in front of me like a monitor. Never had such great sound on stage for myself before! Now I use the front in so I can always use the monitor in for monitor feed from the desk if needed.
  18. Why do you use the XLR to Monitor ins and not just the guitar in if you're not going wet-dry-wet? What's the advantage?
  19. I agree that the drive models are great but I use a Lex Boss Superdrive in the loop because nothing compares to it and I just love that pedal. I can get sort of close but simply not close enough.
  20. Why quite limited? I have a path dedicated to my vocals and use three paths for guitar which have dramaticlly different guitar tones per preset. Only in one or two cases I needed so much DSP I had to ditch the vocal path. Fortunately they were instrumental numbers.
  21. I playthough a Line6 Firehawk 1500 amp and I can say it feels fine and sounds fantastic. Just like having an amp in the room. Of course, ther IS an ampp in the room!
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