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  1. Thanks for trying it out @rd2rk. I suspect a conflict between Cubase and Helix. I get all sort of weird behavior weather I try to use midi or hotkeys to send control messages. It sort of looks like midi feedback but it is not. I have been struggling with trying to get this to work for over a year now and I'm out of ideas. I'll keep using my FBV shortboard as a midi foot controller until I can figure this out. Thanks for your help and please keep me updated if you ever run into some interesting information.
  2. Wrong Side.hlxThe Hound.hlxRunning.hlxMr. Weather.hlxMain.hlxHeavy.hlx cues.mid Hi rd2rk Here are the presets I use. I have configured the command center to be exactly the same regardless of which preset is on at a given time. I also included a midi file containing my cues for preset/snapshot recall. You shoul be able to drop it straight into Reaper and asign the output to your Helix and have a similar setup as mine. Please let me know if you find anything of interest. cheers!
  3. Hi all, I've been having issues forever trying to control Cubase via Helix through USB midi while still being able to receive PC/CC information for automatic preset/snapshot recall. I had given up and switched to the new hotkeys feature which seemed to work fine at first but now I'm having an issue again: on random occasion, starting playback in Cubase by pressing the footswitch assign to spacebar will induce a change in this footswitch's hotkey assignment and bring it back to "none" which then prevents me from stopping the playback. When I scroll to my previous/next preset and come back to my main one, everything is as should be and it might work fine for a couple songs, but then, it will happen again, from a different preset, or the same one, it is very intermittent. Has anyone experienced this instability? If so, have you come up with a solution around it? I really would like to get rid of my second midi foot controller and use Helix instead but so far, neither MIDI nor hotkeys have proven reliable enough for live use. a bummer.. Thanks for your help.
  4. tried momentary and latching but both won't work. I'll try rebuilding my presets from scratch. Maybe some file has corrupted or something...
  5. Almost nailed it but I still can't get it to work. -I programmed all my presets with the same command center values so that I can control Cubase transport from any of my presets -Cubase sends CC32, PC and CC69 messages to Helix for preset/snapshot switching on midi channel 2 -I've tried every possible combination of midi messages in the command center (MIDI CC, Bank/Prog, Note) on a different MIDI channel (3) and I still get weird feedback issues -CC64 isn't used anywhere At this point, I'm not sure whether Helix is the problem or if Cubase 10 is. If I assign no output to the midi track dedicated to helix in cubase, transport control will work like a charm but then, my presets won't change automatically following the track. If I assign the output of the track to helix, transport will respond but: -I get double the command I asked for (hit stop, helix changes preset, release footswitch, sends the stop command again when the footswitch is released) -when this happens, my command center gets all deprogrammed, all values are mixed up. I'm out of ideas here....
  6. @rd2rk Thanks for your reply, that did help in preventing midi feedback but, I still get dual command (one command once the footsitch is pressed and another command when I release it). Do you have any idea what could cause that?
  7. Hi there, I have benn using my Helix LT for a year or two now and one of the feature I use the most is midi remote control from Cubase 10. We play to a clic and follow a Cubase project and all my preset and snapshot changes are triggered from a midi track in cubase assigned to helix through midi over USB. What I would like to do now is to get rid of the FBV shortboard MKII that I use to start, stop and navigate through Cubase markers and use Helix to do that instead. The problem I run into is that whenever I go to a certain marker using Helix as my midi remote, Cubase then sends back a midi program change command to Helix in order to go to the appropriate preset. When this happens, Helix then transmit back a midi command to Cubase telling it where it's at and releasing the footswitch now that I'm in a new preset also sends a midi command back to Cubase... this gives some weird behaviors like midi feedback and dual commands (press once but feels like I pressed twice) and most of the time all will fail. Is there a way to seperate the midi channel from the DAW remote from the midi channel from the preset/snapshot control? Thank you!
  8. @prudenjim I might have found out what the problem is and a possible way to solve it. My setup goes as follow: PC usb to helix, helix xlr to m-audio BX5 (2x). All the mains connections share the same power strip. Turns out this perticular connection arrangement is very favourable to ground looping issues. I lifted the ground from the helix (push button next to XLR out) and so far, haven't had a disconnecting in 5 hours of playing or so. This setup has a particularly low noise floor so, no ground loop induced hum is actually audible, regardless of the state of the ground lift switch, but I think that the digital aspect of the Helix might get confused by interferences picked up through electronically "noisy" ground... Please let me know if you have the same results with your setup. good luck
  9. I will try a USB 2.0 port see if it helps. I also read somewhere that connecting Helix through the USB port of an apple keyboard had helped someone with a similar problem. I don't have such a keyboard handy but I tried using a USB extension cord with an active repeater and, so far, I hasn't let down on me. I only tested it for about 2 hours or so though. I'll keep tracking progress, more info to come...
  10. Hi all, Just did the firmware update on my helix LT (2.70) and It now seems to have a stability issue when using Helix as an audio interface. Every half hour or so, the usb seems to disconnect for about a second or so and switchs back to the inboard sound card of the PC. It then reconnects as quickly as it has quit and works fine for another half hour approx. I was wondering if anyone had had this problem too? Helix is the only device connected via USB and if I don't use it as an interface (say I only use the midi over usb fuction) It works fine... I don't reject the PC being a possible cause for this problem but it didn't behave that way prior to update... Thanks
  11. Thank you very much njglover very interesting. What I assumed was that they could have "removed" the mic's frequency response curve from the signal via an algorythm afterwards, much like Kemper uses it's proprietary Cab Driver algorythm to discociate the cab from the head. But after all, with mic position and ambiance and all, everything makes more sense to me now and I know where I'm going with this for my rig. Thank you very much for your help.
  12. Thak you all guys, very helpful! I know I can run Helix through a power amp and cab but a really like being able to swap cabs digitally for different tones so, no cabs on the stage for me. As for limited soundmen skills (lol) most of the complaints I got were on gigs with very short changeovers and a shared backline where the guy had to remove his mic from the shared cab everybody else uses and route the XLR cable up front and do a different gain structure on the board etc. I can see why it would bother him especially if everything has to be reconfigured afterwards for the other band but I agree that this should"nt be an issue. Just trying to be as accommodating and pro as possible here. Thanks again guys, now I know which way to go with my setup!
  13. Hi, I was wondering if Helix offers a way to have a cabinet emulation but without any microphone coloration added to it? I am running a frfr scenario and the sound I get is much like what I would get from a monitor as it is "micked" (microphone algorythm in helix's cab block). The problem is that I wan't to be able to put a microphone in front of my frfr speaker in order to send this signal to FOH. I wanna do so because I mainly play small venues as opening act and most often, old school soundmen don't like this "d.i." thing. The problem is if i get a microphone to pick up a sound that is already sort of micked, then the actual mic coloration will add up to the simulated one and enhance some frequencies in an unpleasant way (high mids). Basically, I want my frfr to sound more like a real amp rather than like a micked amp through a monitor. I know I can bypass the cabinet block altogether but then I only have the preamp through the frfr and it sound's like s*** also, would the line 6 powercab remedy this situation? Thank you guys!
  14. Update, the problem is now solved. For those who might stumble upon this trouble, here is how I got it fixed: -factory reset Helix (holding footswitches 9 and 10 on power up) to reset global settings and factory presets -toggle back and forth between FW2.21 and 2.53 trying midi behavior each time (tedious and time consuming) -eventually stable midi PC under 2.21 -perform every available FW update in a sequence (instead of jumping straight to up to date FW, e.g.: 2.21, 2.30, 2.50, 2.53... tedious and time consuming) -import saved custom presets without importing global settings (uncheck box in HX edit) -manually set global settings back to your liking I'm going to watch this closely as I can't explain what went wrong nor what fixed it...
  15. Thanks for the insight, rd2rk. First, to answer phil_m, Helix is sending channel aftertouch messages when changing preset, not control change messages for polyphonic aftercouch (CC64). Cubase has a midi filter and every type of message is unchecked in my project, so it records every incoming messages. also, MIDI-OX gives me the LSB and MSB info for each preset change along WITH an aftertouch message... very confusing...
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