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Found 5 results

  1. I started looking at getting HX stomp about 2 months ago, mainly to be able to try different amp and effects without having the need to actually buy each and one of them. After many YouTube videos (ahem, John Nathan Cordy), I decided to pull the trigger. For some reason, our local Yamaha/Line 6 retailer (Southeast Asia region) has not had any stocks of HX stomp for about a year now, so my only choice was to get one overseas. (I looked through some options in the used market, but not so much luck there) I sought different options, and I found that Sweetwater had a couple stocks of “Floor model” units, — more or less open box and slightly used but supposedly in good condition, for about 50 bucks off the retail price (plus, it’s cosmic gray which I really liked) I was trying to squeeze every dollar I can since I still have to pay for the forwarding service from the US to my country. After about 2.5 weeks. The unit came, complete with all of the paperwork, original usb cable and power supply. The unit is in great condition, even has the screen protector intact. I plug it in, played with it for a while, but I noticed that it does not have any of the default presets. So I tried to do a “factory reset”. After doing the factory reset, the screen got stuck on the boot logo screen. I also noticed that unit gets pretty warm. So I turn the unit off, try to wait a couple of seconds, restarted it, no luck. At this point I was starting to get worried that the unit is actually defective, but I was still trying to be optimistic. After about half an hour, I tried to turn it on again, and luckily, it worked! I was out of the woods — or so I thought. So I tried dialing in some tones, modifying presets, loading new presets, then after about half an hour of using the thing, it started to freeze — no sound will come out, the tap button LED still blinking, but 20 seconds later it will turn off and the UI will be completely unresponsive. I tried multiple resets, multiple firmware versions, but all of them seem to give me the same result — the unit just crashes as soon I try to modify any parameter or setting. *If I try to scroll through blocks fast enough like in this video — guaranteed the unit will crash. So I contacted Line 6 support, explained the issue, and their only conclusion is that it is a hardware issue and that the unit must be repaired / replaced. So I then contacted Sweetwater, and after a couple emails, they agreed to replace the item. Unfortunately, since I live outside the US, I’ll have to shoulder the costs of shipping it back. Another 3.5 weeks have passed, and today I received the replacement — a brand new, sealed unit. Hooray, I guess? I turn on the unit (default Firmware is 3.11.0), everything seemed okay and snappy — until I tried creating a new preset from scratch and adding and Amp block, the freaking thing crashed again, same with what I experienced with the first unit. I just tried flashing the latest 3.70.0 firmware, and I still does get stuck on the boot logo screen, unless I let it rest for about 15 minutes. It will turn back on, but it will exhibit the exact same issue as before of crashing whenever I try to change parameters or presets. One slightly different thing I noticed: it doesn’t get as hot as the previous unit, at least for now. I think I’m out of options right now, and seem to be stuck with a paperweight. I could still probably ship it back (again) and hope for a refund, but the hassle and cost of shipping an item back again sucks. TL;DR Bought an open box HX stomp, hardware seems to be defective. Got a brand new replacement, encountered the exact same issue.
  2. Hi; My HX stomp sounds great but I have a problem because sometimes when I am moving any of both knobs the adjustment is modified becasue page, view or action switches are pressed. My feeling is that switches are very weak and I wonder if is it possible to replace them by better components. I have been looking for them in the web without success. Any help here?
  3. Hello. I was wondering if any of you have experienced any issues with the headphone output of the Helix LT or Helix Floor? I have an Helix LT connected as an audio interface to my Windows 10 laptop. I only use headphones and like to jam along with YouTube and guitar pro and recently when I listen to a preset through my headphones connected to the output jack of my Helix LT, the panning/volume is all wonky and is not balanced with the right side noticeably louder than the left. The issue is across all my patches including factory and user). The issue seems to be volume related, if you crank up the amp or add a distortion block it seems to pan harder to the right and becomes very off putting. If you turn the volume knob below 12 o’clock the panning balances better, turn the volume knob up to 3 o’clock or to full then panning is almost hard right and I can hardly hear anything from the left as if you’ve have duff headphones. As a temporary work around I have to pan the output block at the end the chain by at least 30% to the left to balance the sound. I've tried different 1/4 inch adapters and different headphones, I have some in ear monitors and a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 pro 250 ohm and the issue persists. I have even sought a second opinion from my wife who agrees there is Definitely a panning/volume issue. There is no problems when listening to music and videos from YouTube etc. It only affects my guitar patches. Also, this seemingly started happening out of nowhere. I do not recall making any changes to global settings, but perhaps that is where the problem is? I am updated to firmware version 2.92 and have been since it was released. Out of desperation I have completed a factory reset and even rolled back the firmware to 2.8 and reinstalled 2.92 with no joy and I am now worried it may be a hardware issue. Everything has been working fine until now. If anybody could help me figure this out, I would really appreciate it! Thank you.
  4. Title pretty much describes the problem but I'll give more details about the setup. I'm using a focusrite 18i20 gen 3 for the interface and the clock master. I'm using S/PDIF sends to the focusrite and using its clock out to the clock in on the helix. I just bought a new 75 ohm BNC cable because I thought the old one was the issue but I'm still having the same problem. Every clock setting seems to work with this setup besides 96khz and that is unfortunate because that is what I like to use! Has anyone one experienced this issue or am I just an idiot? Let me know if you have any questions about my setup. Helix firmware is at 3.01 and the focusrite was just updated using the latest Focusrite Control version on their website.
  5. Hi all, Although I've seen many posts from people with a similar question about Monkey in combination with another type of Line 6 device, I cannot solve my problem using the answers given there... I am just a hobby guitar player and recently I got myself an FBV MKII express pedal, which I want to use in combination with my spider IV 15 watt amp. I do not like all the standard tone settings (such as distortion and pitch) and found on the internet that it is possible to modify your tones in a more advanced way, using software and the pedal. Last week I installed the latest version of Monkey (1.71) and spider IV edit, using my computer with windows 7 Home premium. While reading the user manual and other internet sources, I figured out that you first need to make sure that you can connect with Monkey. However I immediately hit a problem; as soon as I want to connect my pedal using a standard USB cable. Somehow Monkey keeps trying to connect via a MIDI connection, which my laptop and the pedal don't have. I did found out that that the USB driver software was not properly installed in the guitarPort. So I tried to update the software; this had no effect. Several cycles of removing and reinstalling all line 6 software still did not solve the problem. - I do have read the manual - I do have registered my pedal - I do have authorized my pc via the license manager. - I cannot disable "Driver signature enforcement" via the boot menu or by using the command prompt. (this might be the actual problem..) - My web cam is disabled - I am not going to turn off all my firewalls, but switching off the one from my virus scanning program did not solve the problem. Even if it would work, turning off firewalls for a prolonged time seems like a stupid idea to me.. Is there a straightforward way to solve this? Because I really want to get this thing started. This pedal should be something like a plug and play device, at least that is what the simple user manual gives you the impression of. In reality, you need to have a lot of specific settings in your computer to be in the right way. Line 6 software developers should know that these problems are common for several years and they could anticipate on these issues.. Or can't they? This is frustrating...
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