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  1. I did not find a solution to this problem and I did reach out to support but didn't follow through with trouble shooting. I just went back to XLR. One thing that I do still wonder is the quality of my RCA cables. The RCA cables that I'm using aren't technically SPDIF cables. I tried looking for RCA SPDIF cables but nothing returned in those searches but the optical SPDIF cables. I also looked for RCA cables rated to 96Khz but had no luck there either so I gave up.
  2. Well it really shouldn't be this way. It's supposed to work the way that I have it configured (I think) but it just isn't and it's really disappointing.
  3. Honestly, I'd just rather go back to analog out than to deal with changing the clock source every time I want to use the Helix. Digital is not worth the inconvenience. Thanks for your help.
  4. Yes, the focusrite is the hub of my sound system/DAW. It remains powered on 100% of the time while I'm working, however, the helix rack only comes on when I'm tracking guitars. The focusrite will work just fine clocking off the helix using S/PDIF but the focusrite won't fall back to its own internal clock when the helix shuts off. So if I shut the helix down, the sound going through the focusrite will cut out entirely. I don't want to keep my helix on 100% for the clock nor do I want to change the clock source on the focusrite every time I want to track guitars.
  5. Thanks for the reply datacommando. Yes, 96k is the desired sample rate that I want to operate at. I have never gotten 96k to work. I am now just trying to transition from using analog outs on the helix to digital. 96k has not worked before and after firmware updates just to be clear.
  6. Title pretty much describes the problem but I'll give more details about the setup. I'm using a focusrite 18i20 gen 3 for the interface and the clock master. I'm using S/PDIF sends to the focusrite and using its clock out to the clock in on the helix. I just bought a new 75 ohm BNC cable because I thought the old one was the issue but I'm still having the same problem. Every clock setting seems to work with this setup besides 96khz and that is unfortunate because that is what I like to use! Has anyone one experienced this issue or am I just an idiot? Let me know if you have any questions about my setup. Helix firmware is at 3.01 and the focusrite was just updated using the latest Focusrite Control version on their website.
  7. I'm having the same issue on Reaper too. It's not definitive what the problem is yet. did you figure it out?
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