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  1. Pod Farm 2.5 is definitely faulty, the problem you state is even in the known issues page http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/computer-based-recording/pod-farm-pod-studio-toneport/pod-farm-20-release-notes-and-known-issues-r262 it says the issue is on Windows but it's also on mac… Also Pod Farm 2.5's midi learn function does not work in the plug in… I'm not sure how much they prioritize PF because those issues have not been addressed and we're on 2.56 now… and support either has no clue( other than uninstall and reinstall PF, I haven't gotten any practical info on the matter), no interest, or they have so much work that they can't take 2 minutes to fire up the plugin version in a DAW and press a couple of keys( I've been waiting 2 weeks for an answer), or…. they just don't want to acknowledge that the software is just broken and needs some patching… that being the case it might be worth looking at other options if PF is subpar at the moment.
  2. I did the stuff on the video with Pod Farm and as noted it didn't work, but it DOES work on PF 2.02 so it is a bug within Pod Farm. Also to make sure I created an extra audio track loaded Maschine FX on it and loaded an VST instrument plugin in it, and it's midi learn function works as expected even though it was nested inside another plugin. I'm not sure about the C++ library issues as I'm on a Mac. I did log a support ticket, hopefully they'll respond soon, even if it's just to confirm that there's a bug in 2.5x Thanks.
  3. Hi Tiryche, thanks for the reply… Yes I have specially since Ableton Live is really good for that, but to do that with Pod Farm you have to go the automatable parameter route in PF and then assign your midi to Live instead of directly sending midi to PF, and somehow the performance of PF is slightly glitchy when doing it this way, where as switching stuff and adjusting parameters directly on Pod Farm is much smoother.. a small glitch can kill the moment on stage and have you wonder if your computer is going to crash even if it won't, and no matter how much you rehearse with the glitch before. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I heavily depend on my pods ( XT Live, Farm, etc.) for production and live performance, having used both software and hardware at shows. Recently I decided to just use Pod Farm 2.5( as plugin) to perform as it makes more sense for me creatively and logistically and while working on the setup I encountered the fact that Pod Farm 2.5x does not respond to the midi learn function when used as a plugin… Stand alone works fine but this is a little inconvenient since it is much more effective for me to be able to work on my tones on a recorded dry signal in context ( I use stems in Ableton Live ) while moving on the road… Of course I can record on Ableton, work on the tone, save and open in stand alone… but this limits my possibilities as well as adds extra time which in a hectic soundcheck even a second counts. Pod Farm 2.02( plugin) on the other hand works as it should in regards to midi learn but the GUI shows up "broken" which is not good for performing. It looks like the midi learn function on Pod Farm plugin has not been working properly since 2.51 and we're in .56 now I suppose I'll have to use it stand alone but I'd appreciate any help or info as to how and if this issue can be resolved. Many thanks! ps. is the same in OS X Mavericks and MOuntain Lion.
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