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  1. OK ticket advice was to try a different pc. I did and all worked, the s/w was the latest anyway. So, unit is OK, USB is OK and it works with windows 7. This was a borrowed pc and it still does not work on my windows 10 machine.
  2. thanks, I have and awaiting a reponse
  3. it is with a solid green light. When I look at the installed driver its says:- "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)". I have tried unistalling and reinstalling but no luck!
  4. Hi, I am having problems updating my G10. I get this message, "The transmitter was not detected properly". I am running windows 10 and have updated it. I have unistalled the G20 restarted the pc. Auto-detected te G10 but same problem. Any tips please Thanks Richard
  5. Hi, I have this issue too, I am running in RF2 mode, How do you change it? Cheers Richard
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