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  1. Hi Biggs, just thought I'd provide the steps provided me from Line 6 support. 1) Make sure your working with the most recent Helix edit and Line 6 updater. 2) Back up your Helix if you haven't already. 3) Turn off all firewalls and virus protection. 4) Connect your Helix to your computer directly, not via a USB Hub. 5) If possible unplug all other USB devices connected to your computer. 6) Make sure you’ve installed the latest Line 6 drivers for your operating system. (these can be found at downloads and search on Helix/drivers/“your operating system). 7) Update your Helix following the Line 6 updating instructions. If it fails the error on the screen had some instructions on how to reset to factory defaults, and how to boot into update mode. They can also be found at support/technical support/Knowledge base and faqs: Helix/LT/FX Reset Procedures and Troubleshooting Tricks. If it still fails after all of that, then try updating your Helix, connecting to different USB ports on your computer, sometimes the chip set of the USB connector can cause problems. That's everything they provided me, so hopefully theres something there that you haven't tried. If you can't get the upgrade installed, contact support and they will instruct you to ship your Helix to a Line 6 repair center which will perform the update. I feel your pain, I was an unhappy camper until I discovered that a short high quality USB cable was the fix to my problem. Good luck!
  2. I experienced problems when trying to update the Helix Floor model to 2.5. Computer 27" iMac 2017 i7 4.2 Ghz. I tried all of the online suggestions without success. I contacted support, he tried a lot of suggestions, but to no avail. I made sure Line 6 installer, Helix edit were all updated. I tried different USB ports and different usb cables. The fix came when I switched from a 15' USB cable to a 3' cable, then it worked like a charm. The USB cable that worked was a higher quality cable with better shielding. So if everything else fails give this fix a try, it might work for you.
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