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  1. Thanks. I gave up at an early stage and had my amp fixed and right on - It was a power tube that had blown and with it a fuse inside the amp. I was also told that some sort of chip in the amp also had blown but I'm really not sure it blew at the same time, or when they were working with the amp, or even if it blew at all. Anyway it works now, just need to get it to rehearsals to crank it up properly hoping to get the sound I got out of it with the old tubes (off course they changed all the power tubes). Yea, it's really weird but I really got such a great tone with those 4,5 year old tubes.
  2. I've been using my Spider Valve MkII HD100 head for four and a half years at rehearsals and live on stage, usually running it through a 4x12" Marshall speaker. After weeks of tweaking I finally got "my" sound out of it, and the fact is I got it to sound really, really great. Through these years it was the most reliable tool, never letting me down even once in all this time. The other day I turned the amp on to rehearse and there wasn't any sound through the speaker outputs. Some days earlier it worked just fine and no one had touched it. The digital part of it worked perfectly, it works as a POD through the line output this is. Off course I've tried with various cables and speaker cabinets and also other amp heads with the cabinets. I did a factory reset, checked the two fuses on the back, but didn't solve the problem. Does anyone know what it could be? Has any had the same problem with these amps? Peace. / PM
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