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  1. Exact same problem. It's driving me crazy. The option to disable Apple Music access is in the IPad Settings menu, not in the Firehawk app. Go in Settings -> Firehawk -> un-check Apple Music. Music will stop playing automatically, but with this option uncheck you won't be able to play any song at all. Nonsense. App needs to be fixed. Problem probably came with the latest update.
  2. Same here. Worse delay between patches, sometimes it hangs for a few (long) seconds and then "resumes" all the commands I hit on the pedalboard (like everything goes on a buffer, waits for a few seconds, then all commands are sent to the unit...) The whole unit also crashes very often (at least once per usage). Everything turns offs (also sound), with the exception of 2 red leds on the pedalboard (I guess this is the "sorry i'm crashed" error led code...). I have to restart the unit (without headphones, because the unit resets at full volume for a very short period of time before going back to normal volume --> high risk of ear damage). I thought the latest firmware would fix the small gap between delay, but no, it's worse and introduces new issues.
  3. Oh thanks ! I'll try to search after this tone on the cloud. Sorry for the double post.
  4. How do you set this up ? I look into the whammy pedal configuration, and the only setting I could map the padal to was the mix%. How do you move the expression pedal function to another setting ?
  5. Agree. I created nice sounds too. Only remarks (I play with headphones) - The stock patches sounds muddy. - I have to boost upper mids / highs on EQ litteraly to the max on my new custom patches, as default amps settings sounds muddy too, in my opinion - There's still a lag on footswitches. It's very small, but it's there and it's annoying. For example, stompboxes will enable a few milliseconds after you hit the footswitch. Very annoying when playing fast songs. I hope it will be fixed soon. There's also a higher lag on bank changes, along with small sounds glitches. (I have the latest firmware as I received a patched version Firehawk) - Expression pedal should be able to tweak more settings. (ex.: pitch on the "Whammy" effect. Right now, I can only assign mix % to the expression pedal, which is a bit useless.
  6. Firehawk FX was marketed as a "multi-effect with IOS/Android app control". So, it does exactly what is has been marketed for so far. I don't think a PC/Mac app will be available. You can try an Android emulator as workaround. Never tried it with the Firehawk, but I know many people using Android emulators to play Android games on their PC, and the result is great.
  7. Thanks for the extra explanation ! So maybe I don't need to throw my BOSS expression pedal in the trash yet ;-) I could use it for effects tweaking, too. Why not. For the Wah anyway, I think the best way to proceed so far is using an extra Wah pedal on FX Loop. -Maybe that's something Line6 could patch in a next release-. --> If you set the onboard pedal to Wah, enable the Wah sound when the user starts to move the pedal, and disable it a short period after it stops moving - with latency as a parameter in the wah options -. Forcing the user to use the toe switch to enable-disable Wah sound before/after moving the pedal is confusing and hard to do when you play. (edit: WHOOPS I clicked "report" instead of "Quote" when answering ! Hope I didn't report you :-) sorry)
  8. Hey Dalto, thanks for your answer. How can you set up on TWEAK mode then ? It will not switch by itself. Look at the table in the manual, there are "two" options: - WAH/VOLUME with or without Pedal 2 - TWEAK with or without Pedal 2 Or maybe tweak mode is enabled if you use a footswitch instead of an expression pedal... dunno. You'll use it to switch between volume & wah on the onboard pedal... Anyway, tweak mode is not really interesting... (and I still can't understant what's the point with Tweak WITHOUT Pedal 2 ? What do we tweak here ????) Most interesting option if you use an external expression pedal is probably 'WAH/VOLUME" with Pedal 2. You can use your expression for volume and keep the Wah on the onboard pedal -the opposite is not possible....-. Unfortunately, in this configuration, you'll have to activate/deactivate the onboard Wah with the Toe Switch (press hard with your foot). That's not conveniant at all. Every Wah pedal on the market switch automatically to the Wah sound when you juste move the pedal. With the onboard pedal set to Wah, you have to remember to press hard when you want to use it, and press hard again when you stop using it. That's really confusing. Anyway...! --> I finally ended up using my Behringer Wah pedal on the FX loop. And I kept the onboard pedal for volume control only. That's probably the BEST (most simple) option for players who want to use volume + wah at the same time on the Firehawk FX. TIP: if you use an effect pedal on the FX Loop, you need to move FX Loop BEFORE the amp in the diagram. Otherwise you'll have sound issues (insane clipping). Once the FX Loop is set before the amp, it sounds as it should. Good evening PS: Firehawk is otherwise a great product. Now that I managed to solve my wah/volume issue, I have a nice setup with everything that I need. All effects on Firehawk, and an extra Wah. I just built a little IKEA Pedalboard and it's great ;-) Here's a photo.
  9. Hello, I have connected a external Boss Expression pedal to my Firehawk FX. The pedal is detected and is working fine (I can already use it to change volume and it works). Now I'd like to change the Pedal Mode option, but I can't find the option in the Firehawk IPad app. Manual says in the "Configuring Pedal Functionality" section: "You'll find the options for pedal mode within the Inspector Pane of the Firehawk Remote app's Editor screen". I'm in the editor screen (Edit on the bottom bar), but I can't find the option anywhere. I've looked into every effect, I can't see it. Did I miss something ? Can you tell me where this option is ? Thank you.
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