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  1. Each patch stores it's own tempo information. You would have to save it or re-tap it every time.
  2. The only way to know is to try it out. While I've used the XT Live on many gigs, I've only tried it direct once-the first time. It wasn't good and I haven't wanted to ever go through that again, so I go through my amp. The problem is it's hard to get somewhere you can try these things out at volume. Sometimes you've got to tweek the settings and that takes time and if you're playing through a PA, your bandmates are probably waiting to start and it's going to be LOUD...ugh...it's not an ideal situation. So many options, all of which could make or break this great tone. Too much bass? Do I adjust the patch or the board? We need people with experience in this to comment, maybe giving us a starting point. I'd love to play plugged into the PA, bypass the whole amp... Come on, guys. Who can help us figure out how to use this tech live and loud?
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