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  1. I hope this translates to being able to use the pedal on the FX100 when they are done with that firmware.
  2. Hi, Folks, Is there any way to adjust the volume level on the G50/TBP12 units? It seems a little hotter than what I get from just a cable, and I would like to match it better. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, I kill everything else running, too. Which version of the OS are you running? I just updgraded to 7.1.1 (the latest), but I haven't tested it yet. I've turned off all notifications, etc... I even turned of my email updates, but still wasn't working. I did see that many other folks do have problems with Bluetooth Streaming on the iOS7. The latest update has fixes for bluetooth, so hopefully that will be better.
  4. So, Triryche, what do you use to connect to the FX100? It looks like my problem is the iPad Air. When I connect my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) to the FX100, the bluetooth audio is flawless. I sure wish there were an Android app for this thing. Then, I'd be golden!
  5. Yep. You can't use it without updating.
  6. Hi, Folks, I just bought the FX100. I plan to use this primarily as an at-home jamming and practicing tool. When I stream audio to the FX100, there is some mild stuttering going on. Occasional short skips, etc. I ranges from many times a song to only a handful. Is there a solution to this? I use mine with an iPad Air that sits on my couch with the floorboard within about 2-3 feet, but slightly obstructed by the couch. I saw that the Amplifi amps have a line-in that some folks are using to get around this problem, but the FX100 doesn't have a line-in, right? (I don't have mine in front of me right now.) If I can't get this working properly, I'll have to return it. I use mine mostly with headphones, so hearing the skipping directly in my ears drives me nuts.
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